List of attendance figures at domestic professional sports leagues

List of attendance figures at domestic professional sports leagues

The table below lists domestic professional sports leagues from around the world by total attendances for the last completed season for which data is available. It is unlikely that any leagues with total attendances over 10 million are missing, but below that level the table is very incomplete at present. Points to consider:
*The correlation between revenue and attendance is quite weak. For example, the NFL is on a par with Major League Baseball financially despite having less than one quarter of the total attendance because it charges much higher ticket prices, has a larger television contract, and only plays 16 games per year per team, compared to the MLB's 162.
*In some cases the figures listed are for main season games only.
*In some sports (mainly North American centered sports) the main league competition provides each club or franchise with virtually the whole of its attendance and revenue. In others, there are multiple competitions, for example leading English football clubs compete in four competitions each season, but only the league competition is listed below.
*In some sports, for example cricket and rugby union, international competitions and transnational club competitions provide a significant part of total attendances and revenue.
*Free or heavily discounted seats may be counted by some leagues. No-shows for paid seats may be included in some cases, but not in others.
*Not all leagues publish official attendance figures. Various media outlets produce their own figures and sometimes these do not agree, but the differences in the averages given are usually no more than one or two per cent.
*The "leagues" below include pure league competitions, where the team that finishes at the top of the table is declared the winner, such as the FA Premier League, and hybrid league/knock-out competitions, where the best league performers enter a knock-out phase (also called a playoff) to decide the winner, such as the Australian Football League (Aussie Rules).


The leagues are segregated between those which normally would play in an outdoor stadium as opposed to those leagues that use indoor arenas. It should be noted that some outdoor league stadia are equipped with either retractable or non-retractable roofs when and where weather conditions (such as rain or extreme heat/cold) would not allow a game to be played and/or watched effectively, comfortably and/or safely without such cover. The tables are sorted by average attendance.

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