Power supply rejection ratio

Power supply rejection ratio

In electronics, Power supply rejection ratio or PSRR is a term widely used in op-amp datasheets; used to describe the amount of noise from a power supply that a particular op-amp can reject.

The value of PSRR depends on the supply being taken in account for, being so the PSRR for the higher supply voltage is different than the PSRR of the lower supply voltage.

The PSRR doesn't necessarily have the same poles as A(s), the open-loop gain of the opamp.

quote|The PSRR is defined as the ratio of the change in supply voltage to the change in output voltage of the op amp caused by the change in the power supply.

PSRR=Delta V_{DD}/{Delta V_{OUT.

An ideal op amp would have infinite PSRR. [Allen, Phillip; Hpolberg, Douglas, "CMOS Analog Circuit Design", Oxford University Press, Inc, cc 1987.] [Franco, "Design With Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits", McGraw-Hill, Inc, cc 1988.]


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