1138 (number)

1138 (number)

1138 is the natural number following 1137 and preceding 1139.

George Lucas and Lucasfilm

One of George Lucas' early short films was "", later remade into the feature film "THX 1138". After the film, references to 1138 (and sometimes to THX) are scattered throughout Lucas' films, Lucasfilm productions and LucasArts computer games.
* "": 1138 can be seen on the back the droid Jar-Jar hits over the head after they are deactivated on Naboo because of the destruction of the droid control ship.
* "": When Mace Windu orders a clone pilot to land in an assembly area, 1138 can be seen on the back of the pilot's helmet in LED lights.
* "": CC-1138 is the numerical designation for Commander Bacara, commander of the Galactic Marines under General Ki-Adi-Mundi. Also, going to the options menu on the DVD, highlighting the THX button, and then pressing 11-3-8 allows you to watch Yoda breakdance.
* "": 1138 is the number of the cell block on the Death Star that Luke Skywalker claims to be transferring Chewbacca from. Additionally, the Imperial Stormtrooper suit either Luke or Han Solo stole in the Death Star belongs to a Stormtrooper with the registration TK-421, but this was scripted and appears in the novelization as THX 1138.
* ': In an approximation of the 1138 meme, General Rieekan issues the following order: "Send Rogues 10 and 11 to Station 3-8'".
* "": The number 1138 is inscribed on the side of Boushh's helmet.
* "American Graffiti": The number-plate of Paul Le Mat's deuce coupe is THX 138.
* "Maniac Mansion": The number-plate of the Edison's Edsel car is THX 1138. The code for the safe is 1138. It is also one of the randomly-chosen numbers for the Meteor Police in the NES and Commodore 64 versions.
* "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders": The phone bill says Zak owes $1138.
* "Outlaws": The train in the introduction has the number 1138 on its front.
* "Escape From Monkey Island": When Guybrush meets with his future self in the Mists O' Tyme Marsh, he asks him "If you really are me, then what number am I thinking right now?" One of the answers his alter ego might give is "1138". Later in the game, Guybrush meets a ghostly priest who has defied LeChuck, and also believes in "the Anti-LeChuck", a ten-foot tall demonized version of Guybrush with 1138 tattooed on his forehead.
* "Star Tours": When a guest is waiting in this Disney attraction's spaceport, various announcements can be heard over a PA system in between R2-D2 and C-3P0's conversations--one says: "will the owner of a red-and-black landspeeder, vehicle ID THX-1138, please return to your craft. You are parked in a no-hover area."
*"Raiders of the Lost Ark": The number is heard spoken through an intercom in German, "Eins-eins-drei-acht". Also in the scene where Indy is fighting the bald German officer. While the plane is spinning around, if you look at the wing number of the plane, you will see that the serial number is THX-1138.
* "Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade": 1138 is in roman numerals MCXXXVIII in Dr. Jones' Notebook in the library scene.
* [http://www.starwars.com/databank/character StarWars.com's character Databank] lists a character "THX 1138," which links to the official site of the movie THX 1138.
*"": Stormtroopers in the medical room refer to Starkiller as project 1138.

Other references

Even in media unrelated to Lucasfilm, the number is occasionally featured (generally without the prefix THX), sometimes to popularize the injoke or to tribute Lucas and/or Lucasfilm media.

* "Agent Cody Banks": At the end, Arnold Vosloo's character Francois Molay wears orange prison garb with the inmate number AR 1138.
* "Pinky and the Brain": In one version of the opening song, the Brain is seen writing an equation on a chalkboard, where he writes "THX=1138".
* The number has also appeared in three Robot Chicken episodes:
**In the episode Junk in the Trunk, the cell behind a Cylon in the 'Bloopers' skit is marked 1138.
**In the episode Toy Meets Girl, Panthro of the ThunderCats is incarcarated in cell 1138.
**In the episode Adoption's an Option, when Skynet takes control of Inspector Gadget, in his goggles he sees Penny as "Target: 1138".
* "": Grubb uses the code THX 1138 to override his workbots.
* "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow": the door to the scientist's lab reads 1138.
* "Smallville": Lex Luthor is working on a project entitled Project 1138 (Ref: Episode Name - Thirst). NB: Carrie Fisher appears in the episode.
* "ReBoot": Used as a heading for spacecraft in episode 1x01 - The Tearing. Used again as the approach vector for the remains of the cpu defense force in episode v3.1.1 (3x01).
*"Storm": 1138 is used as a doorcode to a building where a LAN Party is held.
*"Sneakers": At the very beginning of this movie, the access code entered ends in 1138.
*"Bully": The code used to unlock the security door leading to the observatory is 1138.
*"Ocean's Eleven": The code Linus uses to unlock the security door leading to the safe is 1138
*"We Are 138": The Misfits song similarly about a dystopian future where "it's a time to be an android not a man" may be a reference to THX1138, singer Glenn Danzig having removed the first digit to fit the words into the rhythm of the song.
*"The West Wing": In the second season episode 'Bad Moon Rising' when C.J. asks her assistant, Carol, how many more interviews she has left to find the source of a press leak, the answer is 1138.
*"Follow That Bird": Big Bird flies to Oceanview Illinois on Flight CTW 1138. George Lucas has a cameo in the film.
*"Batman": Hush story arc, Batman issue #611, Clark Kent changes into Superman in the Daily Planet room #1138.
*"The Matrix": At the end of the movie when Neo places a call from a phone booth you see the cascading digits. When they freeze the number 1138 can be seen brighter than the rest in the bottom-right corner.
*"Reign Over Me": The number of Dr. Oakhurst's office.
*"": Ethan Hunt's clearance code for the secure call is Bravo Eecho One One. BE11, when mirrored, becomes 1138.

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