The Red Star (video game)

The Red Star (video game)

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developer = Acclaim/Archangel Studios
publisher = XS Games
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designer = Stephen Dupree
Peter Ong
Ara Shirinian
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released = April 2007
genre = Action, Beat 'em up/Shoot 'em up
modes = Single player, Multiplayer
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platforms = PlayStation 2
media = DVD
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"The Red Star" video game is an action game consisting of constant close and far range combat, based on the "The Red Star" graphic novel.


This game is a mix of different types of games. It has been described as a fighting, action, and shooter game rolled into one.ref|thenextlevel RPG elements are also apparent as players have the option of upgrading certain attributes of a character depending on how well levels are completed.


This story is based on "The Red Star" graphic novel, set in a futuristic, magic-using Soviet Union, which uses floating Skyfurnaces (gigantic magical ships, reminiscent of all-metal blimps) and Warkasters (sorcerers) to conquer its enemies.


Characters playable are "Makita", a Nokgorkan rebel, "Kyuzo", a bodyguard of Maya Antares, and "Maya Antares" herself, (unlockable), a warkaster (sorcerer and human energy cannon).



An Xbox version of the game was originally developed in parallel with the PlayStation 2 version. A few months before Red Star was to be originally released, it was featured as a playable demo on Demo Disc #35 of OXM, the Official Xbox Magazine (US).

Quote from IGN feature Missing in Action: The Lost Games of Xbox

The Red StarDeveloper: AcclaimPublisher: XS Games

What Was PromisedBased on the critically-acclaimed comic book, The Red Star was a classic arcade-style shooter that blended big guns and magic powers. Planned for a 2004 release, The Red Star (which was finished, no less!) went into limbo following the demise of Acclaim. It was later picked up by XS Games with the expectation that it would ship for Xbox and PS2 in 2006. Here we are in 2007 and The Red Star remains hidden, even though we've had a copy of the completed game sitting in our drawer for the past three years.

Where It StandsXS Games is no longer going to publishing The Red Star, adding another sour note to the long life of the little shooter that almost could. The good news, however, is that Jack of All Games has picked up the title and is expected to release The Red Star on February 14. The bad news (at least for Xbox owners): The Red Star is coming only to PS2.

Playstation 2

"The Red Star" was originally scheduled for release for the PlayStation 2 in the fall of 2004. The first time that gamers could get their hands on the Red Star was in August 2004 on the Official PlayStation Magazine Demo, along with an Xbox demo. Soon later though, the maker of the game, Acclaim Studios went bankrupt. XS games and Jak of All Games picked up where Acclaim left off.

References to other works

* Makita's move named Eternal Recurrence is the name of a concept discussed by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in his works such as "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".
* Makita's move named "Twilight of the Idols" shares the same name as a book written by Friedrich Nietzsche.
* Makita's move named Will to Power, shares the same name as a philopsophical term coined by the philopsopher Friedrich Nietzsche.
* Makita's move named Occam's Razor is a scientific principle attributed to the English logician William of Ockham.
* Makita's Protocol move named "Veil of Ignorance" shares the name of a concept used by American philosopher John Rawls in his hypothetical situation, the original position.
* Kyuzo's move named "Natural Law" is a reference to the ethical theory that the philosopher Aristotle is often called the father of.
* Kyuzo's move named "The Birth of Tragedy" shares the same name as a book written by Friedrich Nietzsche.
* Kyuzo's move named "Categorical Imperative" shares the same name as the central concept of the moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant.
* Kyuzo's Protocol move named "The Fountainhead" shares the name of the book written by writer/philosopher Ayn Rand.
* Chapter 3, Reflections of Revolution - A midboss and the final boss of this level are named "Blue Steel" and "Magnum." These are the names of two male-modeling "looks" used by the character Derek Zoolander in the comedy film "Zoolander".
* Chapter 3, Reflections of Revolution - A midboss in this level is named the "Kontrawall I." This is a reference to the video game "Contra", which is often compared to the Red Star video game. The midboss itself is similar to devices found in the Contra series, where the player attacks a weak point on a wall in order to destroy it and progress while avoiding attacks from the wall.
* Chapter 4, Metropolitan Glory - A midboss and the final boss of this level are named "Katinka X4" and "Katinka X16." "Katinka" is the name of the character played by actress Milla Jovovich in the comedy film "Zoolander", Katinka Ingabogavanana.
* Chapter 5, A Bridge to Our Past - The first midboss of this level is named the "Psycho Crusher." The character M. Bison from the videogame "Street Fighter 2" also has a move named the "Psycho Crusher."
* Chapter 17, The Quagmire Engines - The boss named "Ikarius" is a reference to the videogames "Ikaruga" and "Gradius", a traditional shooter which The Red Star videogame has been compared to. The boss design itself is reminiscent of a boss from "Ikaruga".
* Chapter 17, The Quagmire Engines - The title of this chapter is self-referential in regards to Acclaim's "Quagmire" development engine. The engine was used all throughout the Nintendo 64 development phase and further modified/tweaked into the initial PS2/Xbox/GameCube life cycle. Much of the foundation of this engine is very much a part of The Red Star.
* A projectile weapon used by the character Maya Antares is named the "Davbrentsky AKA4U." This is a reference to the UK comedy television series "The Office", which features a character played by actor Ricky Gervais named David Brent, who speaks a line ending with the phrase "...AKA, for you."


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