Sea lettuce

Sea lettuce

name = "Sea lettuce"

image_caption = "Ulva lactuca"
regnum = Plantae
phylum = Chlorophyta
classis = Ulvophyceae
ordo = Ulvales
familia = Ulvaceae
genus = "Ulva"
genus_authority = Linnaeus, 1753
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = See text.

The sea lettuces comprise the genus "Ulva", a group of edible green algae widely distributed along the coasts of the world's oceans.

The many species of sea lettuce are a popular food in many of the places where they grow, including Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland, China, and Japan (where they are known as "aosa"). They can be eaten raw in salads, or cooked in soups, and are high in protein, soluble dietary fiber, and a variety of vitamins and minerals including especially iron.

The type species is "Ulva lactuca" Linnaeus.

Additionally, some species in the genus "Monostroma" are known as slender sea lettuces.

It is eaten by some sea animals, such as manatees.

pecies in the genus "Ulva"

* "Ulva lactuca"
* "Ulva pertusa"
* "Ulva fasciata"
* "Ulva rigida"
* "Ulva linza" and more at [ algaeBASE]

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* Seaweed

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* [ Marine botany: Ulva]

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