Blaze may refer to:

In sailing

* Blaze (dinghy), a high-performance racing dinghy designed by Ian Howlett and John Caig

In Music

* Blaze Bayley, former Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden vocalist
* Blaze Bayley (band), his current band, formerly known as Blaze
* Blaze (band), an electronica band formed in 1984 in New Jersey, USA
* Blaze (Jpop band), a band currently known for their song "Fire", which appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie "Pyramid of Light"
* "Blaze" (album), an album by Lagwagon
* "Blaze" (song), a single by J-pop singer KOTOKO
* "Blaze", a single by Japanese singer Kinya Kotani
* Blaze Ya Dead Homie, an underground rapper on the Psychopathic Records label


* "Blaze" (film) , a 1989 film starring Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich
* "Blaze" (novel), a novel by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman
* Blaze and Satanus, comic book villains from DC Comics, enemies of Superman and Captain Marvel
* A horse featured in a series of children's books by C.W. Anderson
* A minor character in "Yankee in Oz" by Ruth Plumly Thompson

In video games

* Blaze the Cat, a fictional cat from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game series
* Blaze (Mortal Kombat), a character from the "Mortal Kombat" video game series
* A special ability of some Pokémon
* A character from the "Streets of Rage" video game series
* The player character's callsign in Ace Combat 5.

In sports & games

* Utah Blaze, an Arena Football League team playing their home games in Salt Lake City
* Baton Rouge Blaze, a former team in the arenafootball2 league who played their home games in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
* Blaze (Mascot), the dragon mascot of the University of Alabama at Birmingham athletic teams
* A non-standard poker hand
* Blaze the Phoenix, the mascot of the 1996 Summer Paralympics
* HSC Blaze, a Girls' Youth Soccer team in Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA; the team is affiliated with the Hillsborough Soccer Club []

Other uses

* Blaze (toy), a rocking-horse riding toy produced by Mattel in the 1960s
* Trail blazing
* An equine coat marking
* To smoke marijuana, particularly from a lit joint.

ee also

*Blaise (disambiguation)

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