Mathiesen is a Danish-Norwegian patronymic surname meaning "son of Mathies" (equivalent of the Biblical Μαθθαιος, cf. English Matthew). Several spelling variants are used, including Matthiesen, Matthiessen, Mathisen, Matthisen. A similar diversity of forms exist for the parallel given name Mathias. There are several people with the surname Mathiesen:

  • Árni Mathiesen (b. 1958), Icelandic politician
  • Børge Mathiesen (1918–1962), Danish football player
  • Charles Mathiesen (1911–1994), Norwegian speed skater
  • Christian Pierre Mathiesen (1870–1953), Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party
  • Haagen Mathiesen (1759–1842), Norwegian timber merchant, ship-owner and politician.
  • Haaken C. Mathiesen (1827–1913), Norwegian landowner and businessperson
  • Haaken L. Mathiesen (1858–1930), Norwegian landowner and businessperson
  • Hein-Arne Mathiesen (b. 1971), Norwegian ski jumper
  • Jørgen Mathiesen (1901–1993), Norwegian landowner and businessperson
  • Mattis Mathiesen (b. 1924), Norwegian photographer and film director
  • Mihkel Mathiesen (1918–2003), Estonian politician
  • Niels Mathiesen (1829–1900), Norwegian politician and merchant
  • Paul Mathiesen (b. 1977), Norwegian musician
  • Per Mathiesen (1885–1971), Norwegian gymnast
  • Thomas Mathiesen (b. 1933), Norwegian sociologist

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