List of Cyrillic letters

List of Cyrillic letters

Variants of the Cyrillic alphabet are used by the writing systems of many languages, especially languages used in the former Soviet Union. The tables below show the sounds represented by the letters in many languages. The highlighted letters are letters of the Russian alphabet which are in common use in various languages which adopted the Cyrillic script.


*There are many languages that use two or more sets of alphabets, for example Latin alphabet or Arabic alphabet.
*Unicode|ѐ and Unicode|ѝ are variants of е and и which are used in South Slavic languages for preventing ambiguity.
*Abkhaz language also has the digraphs Гь гь, Ҕь ҕь, Дә дә, Џь џь, Жь жь, Жә жә, Ӡә ӡә, Кь кь, Қь қь, Ҟь ҟь, Тә тә, Ҭә ҭә, Хь хь, Ҳә ҳә, Цә цә, Ҵә ҵә, Шь шь, Шә шә
*Azerbaijani language also has apostrophe (’) as a letter.
*Chechen language also has the digraphs Аь аь, ГӀ гӀ, Кх кх, Къ къ, КӀ кӀ, Оь оь, ПӀ пӀ, ТӀ тӀ, Уь уь, Хь хь, ХӀ хӀ, ЦӀ цӀ, ЧӀ чӀ, Юь юь, Яь яь
*Kabardian language also has the digraphs Гу гу, Гъ гъ, Дж дж, Дэ дэ, Жь жь, Ку ку, КӀ кӀ, Къ къ, Лъ лъ, ЛӀ лӀ, ПӀ пӀ, ТӀ тӀ, ФӀ фӀ, Ху ху, Хь хь, Хъ хъ, ЦӀ цӀ, ЩӀ щӀ, Ӏу Ӏу, trigraphs Гъу гъу, КӀу кӀу, Къу къу, Кхъ кхъ, Хъу хъу, tetragraphs Кхъу кхъу
*Karachay-Balkar language also has the digraphs Гъ гъ, ДЖ дж, Къ къ, Нг нг
*Khanty language also has the digraphs Л’ л’, Ч’ ч’
*Ossetic language also has the digraphs Гъ гъ, Дж дж, Дз дз, Къ къ, Пъ пъ, Тъ тъ, Хъ хъ, Цъ цъ, Чъ чъ
*Yakut language also has the digraphs Дь дь, Нь нь

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