Musafir (1957 film)

Musafir (1957 film)
Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Written by Ritwik Ghatak
Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Starring Dilip Kumar
Kishore Kumar
Suchitra Sen
Music by Salil Choudhury
Release date(s) 1957
Country India
Language Hindi

Musafir is a 1957 Hindi movie. Written by Ritwik Ghatak and Hrishikesh Mukherjee the film is about a house and the lives of three families who live in it, so in essence it is three stories linked by the house. The movie is Hrishikesh's directorial debut. The film stars Dilip Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Keshto Mukherjee, Suchitra Sen and Nirupa Roy. The music is by Salil Choudhury.

A 2004 video which stars Sanjay Dutt has a similar story, but with a much more modern setting and character development.




For any young married couple moving in their new house is a very special feeling. The feeling gets more special when the young couple has eloped and married. Something similar happened with Shakuntala (Suchitra Sen) and her husband. The landlord (David) helps the couple in moving to the rented house. The young couple moves to this house which incidentally is the main protagonist of the film. While Shakuntala makes the house into a beautiful home, her husband gets busy with work. She meets the neighboring tea vendor (Mohan Choti) and meets the next door aunty whose favourite pass time is to tell whats cooking in others home. The couple experiences the sound of violin in the night and ask the tea-stall owner about it in the morning who tells that it is being played by a mad man-Pagla Babu.Since, the couple had eloped Shakuntala wanted that her parents-in-law accept her as their daughter-in-law. This is what happens and her in laws somehow search the young couple and they are more than happy to meet Shakuntala. Finally, Shakuntala and her husband go with them and vacate the house. In between Shakuntala grows some seeds in the garden.

The landlord again puts the hoarding of TOLET on the house


The next tenants in the house is a family headed by an old man(Nazir Hussain).The other members are his elder widowed daughter-in-law(Nirupa Roy) and younger son Bhanu(Kishore Kumar). The daughter in law is pregnant and we are told that her husband had just died. Bhanu is finishing his college and simultaneously looking for job whereas his old father is somehow managing the expenses. Although there is sadness in the home yet Bhanu with his wit and humour maintains a light atmosphere for his sister-in-law. The next door aunty again comes and chats on and on.Bhanu also hears the violin and when asks about it from tea-vendor is told about Pagla Babu. The problems of the family as Bhanu fails to get a job landing the family in dire consequences. He gets frustrated and this leads to his clash with his father. On feeling humiliated Bhanu finally drinks poison before sleeping. However the poison is adulterated and Bhanu wakes up when the entire family is mourning. He gets the news that he has finally got a job in some other city. The pregnant lady also delivers a child. The family is happy and they move to another city vacating the house. We see that the seed which Shakuntala sown has germinated.

The landlord again puts the hoarding of TOLET on the house.

Note: This part of the movie is adorned with a lovely song by Kishore, "Munna Bada Pyaara, Ammi Ka Dulara".


The next inhabitants are a barrister and his widowed sister Uma (Usha Kiron). Uma has a small handicapped son (Daisy Irani). The neighbourhood aunty again visits the home. Like the previous tenants this family also hears the sound of violin in night. The child is too attracted by the music and when he comes to know from the tea-vendor about Pagla Babu, he insists on meeting him. However the vendor tells the child that Pagla babu does not meet anyone. However, the child does not listen and insists on meeting the mysterious violinist. The Pagla Babu does appear to meet the child.Uma is shocked to realize that Pagla Babu is none other than Raja(Dilip Kumar), her ex-lover. Raja however does not make it evident and interacts fondly with the child. In a very short span an amazing bond is developed between Raja and the child. Initially, Uma is very uncomfortable with this bonding but slowly she accepts it. We come to know that Raja is suffering from cancer and the dreaded disease is in its advanced stage. Ironically, Raja who is on verge of dying pumps life in the child and fills his dark world with hope. He also tells the child that he will start walking once there will be a flower in the garden. On knowing about Raja, Uma’s brother is very furious. There is a clash between them. Slowly, Raja reaches final stage and Uma takes care of him.Eventually he dies and the child starts walking. On seeing the garden we see that the germinated seed finally blossomed into a flower!!!! In the end it just shows to say that Hrishikesh Mukherjee was a genius and one can judge that after watching his debut film itself.

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