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A petechia (pronounced|pɨˈtiːkiə), plural petechiae (IPA|pɨˈtiːkɪiː) is a small (1-2mm) red or purple spot on the body, caused by a minor hemorrhage (broken capillary blood vessels) Kumar, Vinay; Abbas, Abul K.; Fausto, Nelson; & Mitchell, Richard N. (2007). "Robbins Basic Pathology" (8th ed.). Saunders Elsevier. p. 86 ISBN 978-1-4160-2973-1] .

The most common cause of petechiae is through physical trauma such as a hard bout of coughing, vomiting or crying which can result in facial petechiae, especially around the eyes. Petechiae in this instance are completely harmless and usually disappear within a few days. Petechiae may be a sign of thrombocytopenia (low platelet counts), in circumstances when platelet function is inhibited (e.g., as a side effect of medications or during certain infections), or in clotting factor deficiencies. They may also occur when excessive pressure is applied to tissue (e.g., when a tourniquet is applied to an extremity or with excessive coughing).

If unsure, petechiae should always be quickly investigated. They can be interpreted as vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels, which requires immediate treatment to prevent permanent damage. Some malignancies can also cause petechiae to appear. Petechiae should be investigated by a skilled health care provider immediately to rule out the more dangerous conditions. Dermatologists can be the most helpful specialists in these conditions because they can more easily identify if the condition is petechiae or some similar looking but less worrisome rash.

The significance of petechiae in children depends on the clinical context in which they arise. Petechiae in children can occur with viral infections. In this instance, they do not necessarily signify a serious illness. However, they are a hallmark signal of some potentially serious illnesses, such as meningococcemia, leukemia, and certain causes of thrombocytopenia. Therefore, their presence should not be ignored.

Associated conditions

* Bolivian hemorrhagic fever
* Boutonneuse fever
* Cerebral malaria
* Congenital syphilis
* Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
* Dengue fever
* Duke's disease
* Ebola
* Endocarditis
* Erythroblastosis fetalis
* Gua Sha
* Henoch-Schönlein purpura
* Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
* Leukemia
* Childhood protein-energy malnutrition such as Kwashiorkor or Marasmus
* Typhus [cite web |url= |title=Typhus |accessdate=2007-11-05 |author=Grayson MD, Charlotte |date=2006-09-26 |work=MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia |publisher=National Institutes of Health]
* Scarlet fever
* Schamberg's disease
* Kawasaki disease
* Kawasaki fever
* Rocky mountain spotted fever


Petechiae on the face and conjunctiva (eyes) are a sign of a death by asphyxiation. They are thought to result from an increase of pressure in the veins of the head and hypoxic damage to endothelial of blood vessels. [cite journal |last= Ely |first= Susan F. |coauthors= Charles S. Hirsch |title= Ashpyxial deaths and petechiae: a review |url= |format= PDF |journal= Journal of Forensic Science |volume= 45 |issue= 6 |date= 2000 |pages=1274–1277 |accessdate= 2007-09-22 ]

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