List of Beninese writers

List of Beninese writers

*Christine Adjahi Gnimagnon, also connected with Senegal
*Berte-Evelyne Agbo, also connected with Senegal
*Colette Senami Agossou Houeto (1939-)
*Francis Aupiais, born in France (1877-1945)
*Olympe Bhêly-Quenum
*Florent Couao-Zotti (1964-)
*Félix Couchoro, also connected with Togo (1900-1968)
*Richard Dogbeh, also connected with Togo, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire (1932-2003)
*Adelaide Fassinou (1955- )
*Gisèle Hountondji (1954- )
*Paulin J. Hountondji (1942-)
*Béatrice Lalinon Gbado
*Paulin Joachim (1931- )
*Lauryn, also connected with Côte d'Ivoire and Togo, born in France (1978-)
*Hortense Mayaba
*Jean Pliya (1931-)
*José Pliva (1966-)

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*List of African writers

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