AGI is a three-letter acronym that may refer to:
* Antwerpse Gemologische Instelling
* Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited
* Advanced Graphic Imaging
* Advanced Generation Interface, a software company
* Alliance Graphique Internationale
* The Academy Group, Inc
* Adjusted Gross Income
* All Games Interactive, an online video game podcast
* Adventure Game Interpreter, used by Sierra On-Line in the 1980s
* Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck
* Alan Guttmacher Institute (now simply the Guttmacher Institute)
* American Geological Institute
* Analytical Graphics, a software company
* Artificial general intelligence
* Asrock Graphics Interface
* Association for Geographic Information
* Asterisk Gateway Interface
* Artist Group International
* American Gamelan Institute
* Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, an Italian news agency
* Auxiliary General Intelligence; A NATO military designation for sea-going vessels, usually trawlers, and typically of Russian/Soviet origin, that are used for intelligence gathering. See Spy ship.
* Silver iodide (AgI)

Agi may also refer to:
* An abbreviation for Agility in many games.
* Tadashi Agi, Japanese mangaka
* Agi, musician Long Kuan, former member of Mika Bomb

See also:

* Agai
* Agge
* Aggi
* Agii

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