Long short term memory

Long short term memory

Long short term memory or LSTM is an artificial neural network structure used for time series prediction. Unlike traditional recurrent neural networks, it is capable of doing long term predictions.

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* Artificial neural network
* Time series


*cite paper | author=S. Hochreiter and J. Schmidhuber. | title = [ftp://ftp.idsia.ch/pub/juergen/lstm.pdf Neural Computation, 9(8):1735-1780, 1997] | year = 1997|
*cite paper | author=J. A. Perez-Ortiz et al | title = [ftp://ftp.idsia.ch/pub/juergen/nnlstmkalman.pdf Kalman filters improve LSTM network performance in problems unsolvable by traditional recurrent nets. Neural Networks 16(2):241-250, 2003] | year = 2003 |

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