Chi Sigma Tau

Chi Sigma Tau
Chi Sigma Tau


Motto: Virtus...Fortis...Credo
Nicknames: CST, Chi Sigs
Founding Dates: May 31, 1997 as Asian Fraternity Association

September 9, 1999 Official Founding of the Greek Organization

Founding Location: University of Illinois at Chicago
Type: Social
Scope: National
Colors: Primary: Hunter Green and Charcoal Grey

Alternate: Black and White

Mascot: Tiger (Panthera Tigris Tigris)
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
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Chi Sigma Tau (ΧΣΤ) (also known as Chi Sigs or CST) is an Asian-interest fraternity founded on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago on September 9, 1999. It was the first Asian-interest fraternity to have been founded in the Midwest.



The history of the fraternity started on May 31, 1997, with the founding of the Asian Fraternity Association (AFA) by the principal founder Paul Ouankeo. Nine other dedicated men on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago would come to form what is now Chi Sigma Tau. These nine other dedicated individuals were:

  • Pierre Somprasert Ouankeo
  • Chastin Puray
  • Neil Rafol
  • Sherman Donson
  • Javy Mejia
  • Jay Mejia
  • Ruperto Mercado, Jr.
  • Paul Tran
  • Phillips Tran

Mission statement

"We the men of Chi Sigma Tau, in eternal brotherhood, pledge ourselves to the development of character within each member. We shall encourage and reward academic excellence, promote service in our communities, and educate ourselves and the community around us on issues regarding Asian American culture, history, and identity. By continued involvement in our fraternity, leadership is not only a trait acquired, it is a skill that is mastered, that each brother will carry with themselves far beyond their college years. Although we are an Asian Interest fraternity, it is the strong policy of Chi Sigma Tau to make all membership-related decisions without regard to age, race, or religion."

Pillars of the Fraternity

  • Academic Excellence
  • Eternal Brotherhood
  • Leadership
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Strength
  • Social Interaction
  • Service and Philanthropy
  • Solidarity
  • Honor

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