Swan (disambiguation)

Swan (disambiguation)

A swan is a large water bird.

Swan may also refer to:



* City of Swan, a municipality in Perth, Western Australia
**Division of Swan, an electoral district in the Australian House of Representatives, in Western Australia, based on the surrounding area
* Swan Bay (Victoria)
* Swan Coastal Plain
* Swan Hill, Victoria
* Swan Hill Airport
* Swan Reach, South Australia, a river port in South Australia
* Swan View, Western Australia


* The Swan (theatre), a theatre in Southwark, London
* The Swan, County Laois, a small village in Ireland
* Swan Industrial Estate, Banbury
* Swan Gate, an area of land to the west side of Athenry town
* Swan Theatre (Stratford), a theatre belonging to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, England
* "The Swan", a nickname for the Erasmusbrug, a bridge in Rotterdam

United States

* Swan, Iowa
* Swan, Texas
* Swan Boats (Boston, Massachusetts), a cultural icon of that city
* Swan Creek Township, Fulton County, Ohio
* Swan Island Site, a site located in or near the city of Palestine, Crawford County, Illinois
* Swan's Island, Maine
* Swan Point Cemetery
* Swan Pond, West Virginia
* Swan Quarter, North Carolina
* Swan Township, Vinton County, Ohio

Latin America

* Swan Islands, Falkland Islands
* Swan Islands, Honduras


* Swan Hills, Alberta
* Swan, the Coptic name for the Egyptian city of Aswan


* Anni Swan, Finnish writer
* Astrid Swan, Finnish musician and singer
* Jeremy Swan, Tattoo Artist from Los Angeles
* Guy C. Swan III, U.S. Army Major General
* James Swan, an Australian boxer
* James G. Swan, an US Indian agent
* Joseph Swan, an English physicist and chemist
* Maria Swan, stage name of Jana Defi
* Richard Swan, American mathematician
* Wayne Swan MP, the 36th Australian Treasurer (2007~incumbent)
* Swan, an earlier stage name of adult model Justine Joli
* "The Swan", a nickname carried by Christian comedian Dennis Swanberg
*"Swan", a nickname carried by Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis


* John Swan, a Australian rock singer
* Swans (band), a band from New York
* Zwan, a band formed by Billy Corgan after the disbanding of the Smashing Pumpkins
* Swan Records, a mid-20th century United States based record label
* Swan Records (jazz label), a 1940's jazz record label
* Le Cygne (Saint-Saëns) aka The Swan, a short musical composition for cello and piano
* Swan Lee, a Danish band featuring Pernille Rosendahl on vocals
* Swan Island (band), a five-piece rock band from Portland, Oregon
* The Dying Swan, a ballet dance choreographed to the music of the "Le Cygne (The Swan)"


* The Swan (film), a 1925 silent film and its 1956 remake
* The Swan (TV series), a 2004 reality television series on the Fox network
* Swan Jake (Good Morning, Miami episode), episode 4 of season 1 of the NBC situation comedy Good Morning, Miami
* Swan's Place, a variety talk show hosted by Christian comedian Dennis Swanberg
* is the third DHARMA Initiative station in the television show "Lost"
* The Trumpet of the Swan, a classic 1971 children's book written by EB White.

Companies and products

* Swan Hellenic, a British cruise line
* Swan Hill railway line, Victoria, a railway line in Victoria, Australia
* Swan Hotel, a noteworthy public house in the West Midlands
* Swan Hunter, one of the best known shipbuilding companies in the United Kingdom
* Walt Disney World Swan, a hotel resort located within the Walt Disney World Resort
* Swan Boats (Walt Disney World), a ride at Walt Disney World at the Magic Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida
* Swan & Sugarloaf, a large old pub in South Croydon in South London
* Swan Soap, a brand of soap marketed by Lever Brothers Company in the 1940s and 1950s
* Swan rolling papers, a brand of cigarette rolling papers.


* Swan Goose, a large goose with a natural breeding range in Mongolia and eastern Russia
* Swan mussel, a species of freshwater mussel of the family Unionidae


* Swan (Exalted), a role-playing game published by White Wolf Publishing
* Swan IC, a football (soccer) club is located in the Swan Valley 20 kilometers from Perth
* Swan Districts Football Club, an Australian rules football club based in Bassendean a suburb east of Perth
* SwanCrystal, the third version of Bandai's WonderSwan handheld game console brand
* Swan, a piece of snooker equipment used for awkward shots


* Nautor's Swan, sailing yachts made by Nautor in Finland
* HMAS "Swan", three warships of the Royal Australian Navy
* Swan boat (racing), a very long and narrow human powered boat
* Swan fan Makkum, a Brigantine, built in 1993 in the Gdansk shipyard, Poland
*, nineteen warships of the Royal Navy


* Swan of Tuonela, an 1895 tone poem by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius
* Swan (manga), Japanese shōjo manga by Ariyoshi Kyoko
* The Swan, a play by Ferenc Molnár


* Solar Wind ANisotropies (SWAN), a component of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
** Comet SWAN, one of several comets named for the above component
* Swan bands, a characteristic of the spectra of carbon stars, comets and of burning hydrocarbon fuels


* SWAN, Syndromes Without A Name
* [http://vlm089.citg.tudelft.nl/swan/ SWAN] , Simulating WAves Nearshore, a system of wave modelling
* Pulmonary artery catheter, frequently referred to as a Swan-Ganz catheter
* Swan's theorem, relates vector bundles to projective modules
* SwanCon, a science fiction convention held in Perth, Western Australia
* Swan Bells, a set of eighteen bells in Perth, Western Australia
* Swan Upping, an annual ceremonial and practical activity in England
* Swan diagram, represents the situation of a country with a currency peg
* Swan maiden, a mythical creature who shapeshifts from human form to swan form
* Swan neck duct, a jet engine component

See also

* Swan River
* Swan Island
* Swan Lake (disambiguation)
* Swan Song
* Cygnus (disambiguation)
* Swann
* Swan Valley

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