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Galaxy Research

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Galaxy Research is an Australian market researching company which has recently expanded into providing opinion polling for State and Federal politics. It is principally managed by David Briggs. Its polls are published in News Limited tabloid newspapers, including the Herald Sun, Courier-Mail and the The Daily Telegraph, in contrast to Newspoll data which are presented in the News Limited broadsheet newspaper The Australian.

Beginning just before the 2004 federal election, [ [ Crikey - Forget the election contest, look at the pollsters - Forget the election contest, look at the pollsters ] ] it has gained attention for its accurate predictions of voting patterns at recent federal and state elections. [cite news | first=David| last=Brent| coauthors= | title=Forget the election contest, look at the pollsters | date=2007-04-10| publisher=Crikey | url = | work = | pages = | accessdate = | language = ]


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