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ICD10 = ICD10|R|29|2|r|25
ICD9 = ICD9|796.1

Hyperreflexia is defined as overactive or overresponsive reflexes. Examples of this can include twitching or spastic tendencies, which are indicative of upper motor neuron disease as well as the lessening or loss of control ordinarily exerted by higher brain centers of lower neural pathways (disinhibition).


The most common cause of "hyper-reflexia" is spinal cord injury. Standard stimuli like the filling of the bladder can cause excessive responses from the nervous system, such causes are not known.

But "hyperreflexia" can be developed via many other causes, including medication and stimulant side effects, electrolyte imbalance, and severe brain trauma.


Treatment depends on diagnosing the specific pathology causing this symptom. Should it be caused by illicit or genuine use of medication/stimulants, then it may involve removing these drugs from their healthcare.

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