Tower (disambiguation)

Tower (disambiguation)

A Tower is a tall man-made structure

Tower or Towers may also refer to:;people
* Tower (surname);places
* Tower, County Cork, Ireland
* Tower, Minnesota, USA
*Tower (ward), ward of the City of London, England
* Tower of London, also known as "The Tower";companies and organisations
* Tower Comics
* Tower Records, a music retailer
* Tower Records (record label)
* TOWER Software
* Towers Department Stores, Canada
* Towers (Boston University), a dormitory at Boston University
* Princeton Tower Club, an eating club at Princeton University;other
* Tower (transmission line), also known as pylon
* Computer tower
* Interlocking tower or control cabin, directs railroad traffic
* Control tower, a unit that directs aviation traffic
* Tower (Code Lyoko), element of virtual world in animated TV series

ee also

*Tower (surname) for people of this name
* The Tower (disambiguation)
* The Towers (disambiguation)
* Tower City (disambiguation)

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