BT Tower (disambiguation)

BT Tower (disambiguation)

British Telecom owns at least 200 radio masts and towers in Britain [Crampsey, D. and Fase, M.L. "External Engineering", British Telecommunications Engineering, Vol. 10 Part 1 (April 1991), p.13] . Of these, twelve are reinforced concrete towers. The rest are of steel lattice construction.

Seven of the twelve are of similar design, known as the 'Chilterns' type, after the first one which was built at Stokenchurch on the Chiltern Hills.They are identical except for their heights, which vary considerably. They are at:

*Stokenchurch BT Tower, Buckinghamshire
*Charwelton BT Tower, Northamptonshire
*Heaton Park BT Tower, Manchester
*Pye Green BT Tower at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire
*Sutton Common BT Tower near Macclesfield, Cheshire
*Tinshill BT Tower, in the Cookridge area of Leeds
*Wotton-under-Edge BT Tower, Gloucestershire

The other five are:

*The BT Tower in London, the most famous
*The British Telecom Tower (Birmingham)
*Morborne Hill, Cambridgeshire
*Pur Down BT Tower, Bristol
*Tolsford Hill BT Tower near Folkestone, Kent

BT Tower is also the name of these buildings:

*BT Tower, Cardiff (next to the Millennium Stadium)
*BT Tower, Swansea


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