Czech months

Czech months

The names of Czech months are, as in Polish, Croatian, Ukrainian and Belarusian not based on the Latin names used in most European languages. The suffix -en is added to most of the months' names.

  • January -- leden (from led, ice)
  • February -- únor (probably from the word root -nor-, infinitive form nořit (se), to plunge, to welter, as the ice welters under the lake surface)
  • March -- březen (either from bříza, birch, or from březí, with young etc., as the forest animals, mainly hares and rabbits, are pregnant at that time)
  • April -- duben (derived from dub, oak)
  • May -- květen (from květ, blossom)
  • June -- červen (either from červený, red, or from červ, worm, both related to fruit)
  • July -- červenec (the same as červen with a comparative (more) component)
  • August -- srpen (from srp, sickle)
  • September -- září (lit. "it shines", but most likely from říje (rutting), the time when the - mainly deer - males want to couple)
  • October -- říjen (from říje, see September)
  • November -- listopad (literally "leaf-fall")
  • December -- prosinec (either from prosit to beg, to ask, to plead, but more probably from prase, pig, because hogroasts are common at that time)

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