LNWR 1185 Class

LNWR 1185 Class

The LNWR 1185 Class was a class of 0-8-2 steam tank locomotives designed by Charles Bowen-Cooke and introduced in 1911. They passed into LMS ownership in 1923 and 8 survived to British Railways ownership in 1948. British Railways numbers were 47875-47896 (with gaps).


* LMS/BR Power classification, 6F
* Locomotive weight, 72 tons 10 cwt
* Boiler pressure, 170 psi
* Superheater, No
* Cylinders, 20½"x24"
* Driving wheel diameter, 4' 5½"
* Tractive effort, 27,240 lb
* Valve gear, Joy (slide valves)

For terminology, see Steam locomotive components


Ian Allan ABC of British Railways Locomotives, 1948 edition, part 3, page 28

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* [http://www.railuk.co.uk/steam/getsteamclass.php?item=6F-A Rail UK database]
* [http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/GoodsLocos/Loco17.php Goods Engines of LNWR]

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