Husband (disambiguation)

Husband (disambiguation)

A husband is a male participant in a marriage, but the term, as a noun, may also refer to

*the "First Husband" or "First Gentleman", mirroring the term "First Lady".

*the surname "Husband":
**Richard Douglas Husband, astronaut
**Ron Husband, animator
**Herman Husband, 1770s Quaker
*with plural spelling "Husbands":
**Patrick Husbands, Canadian jockey
**Michael Husbands, English footballer
**Phil Husbands, neuroscientist
**George Husband Baird, 18th century Church of Scotland minister, educational reformer and Principal of the University of Edinburgh

*the given name "Husband":
**Husband E. Kimmel, US admiral

*in fiction:
**a 1970 film, Husbands (film)
**The Husband, a 2006 novel

*a place:
**Husband Hill, on Mars

*Husbandry is the practice of breeding animals

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