Native (processing)

Native (processing)

Native: Methodology for sharing code processing over a number of CPU cores

At some fundamental level, all computers have a 'core' which takes care of the primary processing. Instructions, originally written in some high level language, finally get broken down into machine code and executed.

Java programming

In Java programming language, native is a method-specific modifier. It must be noted that fields, classes and interfaces thus cannot be declared as native.

Multiple cores

Recently, there has been a trend to add more cores to a system.In theory, the more cores a system has available to execute instructions, the more work gets done. It is not the case, however, that a two core system possesses twice the processing power of a single core system. The amount of improvement will depend on many factors - including available bandwidth and code efficiency.In this context, native refers to whether one core is independent of its neighbors.

Practical applications

Current (2006) Intel quad-core technology can be viewed as a pair of dual core processors that happen to have been built onto the same substrate.Proposed (2007) AMD quad-core technology consists of 4 separate cores, which can operate with their own resources, independently of their neighbours.How much of an advantage native technology offers will be a hotly debated subject for some time to come.Is there a native advantage - or is it just marketing terminology within a hair-splitting exercise ?For more info, try balancing with

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