Ekaterine Gabashvili

Ekaterine Gabashvili

Ekaterine Gabashvili ( _ka. ეკატერინე გაბაშვილი) née Tarkhnishvili (თარხნიშვილი) (16 June, 18517 August, 1938) was a Georgian female writer and public figure.

She was born into an aristocratic family in Gori, Georgia, then part of Imperial Russia. She authored several sentimental novels and stories about the sorrows of village schoolteachers and peasant life. In the 1900s, she abandoned fiction for autobiography. [Rayfield, Donald (2000), "": 2nd edition, p. 217. Routledge, ISBN 0-7007-1163-5] Gabashvili is also known as one of the first Georgian feminists and women’s rights activists. In 1958, a movie "Magdanas lurja" (Magdana’s Donkey), based on Gabashvili’s one of the most remarkable novels and directed by Tengiz Abuladze and Revaz Chkheidze, won prizes at the international film festivals at Cannes and Edinburgh. [cite web
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