Taurus missile

Taurus missile

Infobox Weapon
name=TAURUS KEPD 350

type=long-range air-to-surface missile
manufacturer=TAURUS Systems GmbH
unit_cost=950,000 EUR
engine=Williams P8300-15 Turbofan
weight=1400 kg
length=5100 mm
diameter=1080 mm
wingspan=2064 mm
speed=Mach 0.80~0.95
vehicle_range=over 500 km [cite web |url=http://www.taurus-systems.de/html/kepd350.html |title=Taurus Systems GmbH |accessdate=2007-09-03 |work=whttp://www.taurus-systems.de]
altitude=30–40 m
filling=499 kg
guidance=IBN (Image Based Navigation), INS (Inertial Navigation System), TRN (Terrain Referenced Navigation) and MIL-GPS (Global Positioning System)
launch_platform=Typhoon, Tornado, Gripen, F/A-18

TAURUS KEPD 350 ["Target Adaptive Unitary and Dispenser Robotic Ubiquity System / Kinetic Energy Penetrator and Destroyer"] is a German/Swedish air-launched cruise missile, manufactured by TAURUS Systems GmbH and used by Germany and Spain. TAURUS Systems is a partnership between LFK (EADS/MBDA) and Saab Bofors Dynamics. [cite web |url=http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/gripen/ |title=Gripen Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft, Sweden |accessdate=2007-07-17 |work=www.airforce-technology.com]


The missile incorporates stealth characteristics and has an official range in excess of convert|500|km|mi|0|lk=on [cite web |url=http://www.taurus-systems.de/html/kepd350.html |title=Tairus Systems GmbH |accessdate=2007-09-03 |work=whttp://www.taurus-systems.de] . Taurus is powered by a turbofan engine at mach 0.8~0.9 and can be carried by the Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, Gripen and F/A-18 aircraft. The double convert|499|kg|lb|0|lk=on|adj=on warhead called "Mephisto" features a precharge and initial penetrating charge to clear soil or enter a bunker, then a variable delay fuse to control detonation of the main warhead. The missile weighs about convert|1400|kg|lb|0|abbr=on and has a maximum body diameter of convert|1|m|ft|1|lk=on. Intended targets are hardened bunkers, command, control and communications; airfield facilities; port facilities; AMS/ammunition storage; ships/submarines in ports and bridges.The missile also includes counter measures as a self-defence mechanism.Mission planners program the missile with the target, air defence locations and planned ground path, then the missile uses a low terrain-hugging flight path guided by INS, IBN, TRN and GPS to the proximity of the target. TAURUS KEPD 350 is the world's only precision stand-off guided missile system that is capable of navigating over long distances without GPS support [cite web |url=http://www.defense-update.com/products/k/KEPD350.htm |title=Defence Update |accessdate=2008-05-06 |work=whttp://www.defense-update.com] . Once there the missile commences a bunt (climb) manoeuver to an altitude intended to achieve the best probability of target acquisition and penetration. During the cruise flight a high resolution infra-red camera can support the navigation by using IBN and is also used for GPS-free target attack. The missile attempts to match a camera image with the planned 3D target model. If it can't, it defaults to the other, navigation systems, or, if there is a high risk of collateral damage, it will steer to a pre-designated crash point instead of risking an inaccurate attack with undesired consequences.


Spain's military bought 43 missiles. Other countries have also expressed interest in the precision stand-off guided missile system.Fact|date=July 2007


; DEU: 600 ordered for the Luftwaffe for €570 million [cite web |url=http://www.eads.com/1024/de/pressdb/archiv/2002/de_20020808_taurus_d.html |title=EADS N.V. |accessdate=2007-09-11 |work=http://www.eads.com/] ; ESP: 43 ordered for the Spanish Air Force

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* Storm Shadow

Notes and references

* [http://www.taurus-systems.de www.taurus-systems.de]

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