Former Maruhage Empire villains

Former Maruhage Empire villains

This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, that are from the Maruhage Empire of 100 yrs. ago.


One century before the start of the series, the Maruhage Empire was one of many countries on planet Earth: a small country of little notice. However, it was at this time that a new, powerful emperor took control of the country. This emperor was Tsuru Tsurulina the Third (dub: Czar Baldy-Bald the Third), a madman with a fierce xenophobia of humanity and a desire to conquer and destroy all. Gathering the most powerful soldiers and forces in the empire, he sparked an invasion that would not stop under any circumstance. Within three days of the start of the invasion, Tsurulina the Third and the Maruhage Empire had conquered nearly the entire world! They now ruled over the entire population and controlled it with an iron fist, dividing their conquerings into twenty-six blocks, each ruled by one of the generals who took part in the invasion. ["Bo-bobo" vol. 12, pg. 128 - Tsurulina IV explains the history of the Former Maruhage]

However, even with control of practically the entire Earth, Tsurulina the Third wanted more. In particular, he became interested in one country that had remained unconquered during his three-day reign of terror: the Hair Kingdom, a small kingdom filled with creatures that resembled hair well as a couple of humanoids. When the Maruhage Empire proceeded to invade the Hair Kingdom, warriors protected it with an internal artifact known as the Hair Ball, which gave them amazing powers and abilities. Tsurulina became obsessed with obtaining a Hair Ball to the point of invading the Hair Kingdom, yet always failed to make a dent in conquering the land and obtaining the power for himself. ["Bo-bobo" vol. 15, pg. 73 - Tsurulina III explains the Hair Ball] To further solidify his troops into defeating the hair menace, the emperor would declare "Hair Hunts", where his soldiers and generals would scour the countryside making every man, woman and child bald. Several other lands other than the Hair Kingdom remained out of reach to the Maruhage Empire, including the defiance of the similarly chaotic Shigeki Kingdom lead by the enigmatic Shigeki X. ["Bo-bobo" vol. 20, pg. 175; vol. 21, pg. 7: further info on Shigeki X]

However, at the height of their power, with the world under their finger and complete authoritarian rule, Tsurulina and his entire Maruhage force did something unexpected: they disappeared. In particular, the emperor, his generals and all the Maruhage soldiers sealed themselves into a cryogenic chamber and froze themselves. The assumption was that with the world completely under the Maruhage Empire, no one would stand to face them and that they would rise once again when their rule was under threat. For one hundred years, the chamber holding the old soldiers remained undisturbed underground while the Maruhage Empire they built continued to exist unopposed by any forces.

Around one-hundred years after their freezing, the seal to their cryogenic chamber broke and the chamber rose to the surface once more. A new emperor, Tsuru Tsurulina the Fourth (Czar Baldy-Bald the Fourth) now ruled the empire. However, the land that these ancient generals built was under threat: a band of weird rebels lead by Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, a warrior from the Hair Kingdom, was plowing through the forces of the modern Maruhage, taking out generals and even the most powerful of the Fourth's warriors. Although the current emperor seemed scared at first that his more powerful predecessors had returned from cryogenic sleep, he saw this as a double fold opportunity for himself: the warriors from a hundred years ago were much more powerful than his own and they would immediately go after the warrior from the Hair Kingdom causing him trouble! Allowing the warriors to do as they desire, they return once again to fight against the rebels...not knowing of the weird and powerful opponents they were about to face. ["Bo-bobo" vol. 12, pg. 80: Tsurulina IV's reaction to the return of the Former Maruhage]

Their most common technique is Turbo Trio Salva, which allows any of three block leaders to create a very powerful attack.(dub:Fomer Chrome Dome Empire)

Former Emperor

Tsuru Tsurulina the 3rd/Czar Baldy Bald the 3rd

even Main Block Leaders

Like the modern Maruhage Empire, the Maruhage Empire of one-hundred years ago was primarily divided into twenty-six letter blocks. Similarly, the seven most powerful of these generals lead the seven most powerful blocks (A Block to G Block) and likewise became the main leaders of the many other generals in the modern battles. Four of them lead specific areas of the Neo-Hair Hunt Land MAX, an amusement park constructed by Baldy-Bald the Fourth just for their own usage. A fifth member, Rem, unofficially lead another of the attractions, but was not consciously awake when place around that area. Lambada, who chose to work on his own instead of leading an attraction, eventually joins in the attraction lead by Rem...but though he is more powerful than the true leader of the attraction, he merely becomes one of the combatants inside. The last of these seven woke early and lead an advanced team of former Hair Hunters in the modern world.


(ハンペン)/General Lee Fishcake: The Former A-Block Leader, he's a giant, walking, talking, Japanese fish cake. He first introduced the Sangaria way of fighting to the other block leaders when he is introduced. He was suppose to be eaten by a kid for lunch but got dropped into a nearby river. He floated downstream of the river and washed onshore, only to be attacked by wild animals. Hanpen fought off all the animals in the forest and gained scars (and a human body for some reason) from his experience and became one of three strongest block leaders. ["Bo-bobo" vol. 15, pg. 32: Hanpen's backstory] When fighting Bobobo's group, Jelly Jiggler constantly challenged Hanpen for the title of being the strongest food-based warrior, but Jelly Jiggler lost (after one attack!) and couldn't defeat him without turning into Mr. Bo-Jiggler. During the New Empire Playoffs, Hanpen became aware of the Reverse Chromedome Empire after both him and Giga were defeated by Crimson, so he joins Bo-bobo for a short time to defeat the new threat after suddenly appearing inside Gasser during the fight against Halon Oni. He wears a karate uniform while in Bo-bobo's group. He also joins Bo-bobo's team a year later during their assault of Baldy-Bald the Third's "23rd Ward".
*Episode appearances: 55, 65-67, 74-76
*Manga appearances: 179-196.5
*Seiyuu: Hiroaki Miura
*Voice Actor: Steve Kramer


(ランバダ): Former B-Block Leader, he is the master of "Polygon Shinken" (ポリゴン 真拳: Fist of Polygon). His powers center around using polygons to completely turn his enemies into irregular polygons, rendering most of their attacks useless, or to remove a small smiley-face from the opponent to render them defeated. He can also change the appearance of parts or all of his body to disguise himself or change his limbs into a usable weapon. In addition he can create various weapons through his multi-dimensional polygons. He manages to defeat Rice, but when the time comes for him to face Bobobo and friends, he is first subjected to Softon's "Black Sun Technique" (coutesy of J), and afterwards he is transported by Bo-bobo to an old-school-style game arena, and since his polygons are too advanced for the game, he cannot use them (One of these games, where he runs up carrying giant "Nu" to Jelly Jiggler, is a mini-game in the GBA game "Bakutou Hajike Taisen"). In the end, he is defeated by Bobopatchiggler in a simulated scene from a Bo-bobo video game! He is later seen in the New Chrome Dome Empire Playoffs alongside Halekulani, Giga, Bad Bard, and Haoh. He later sacrifices himself in order to help Rem escape the Reverse Chrome Dome Empire. After Hydrate is defeated, he, Rem, and Ukijin Tokio go off on their own after thanking Bobobo for saving them.

* Episode appearances: 55, 57, 59, 60, 61-64, 70, 73, 75-76
* Manga appearance: 193 (flashback),196-196.5
* Voice Actor: Mona Marshall

Jeda the Wind God

(風神のジェダ Fuujin no Jeda): Former C-Block Leader. He fights alongside Hagaiou and Raparapa against Bobobo and friends in the "Ice Mecha Ring" attraction, where everyone pilots a robot of some sort in a battle match. Jeda's main battle style is "Fuugama Shinken" (風鎌真拳Fist of the Wind Scythe), which allows him to control an immense scythe to create wind attacks, similar to the present day C-Block Leader: Geha the Gale. He manages to defeat Jelly and trap him within the ice, but is then defeated in the end by PatchBobo after being fused by him with Baron Von Hornian. He is used as a sacrifice during the Cromedome playoffs after being beaten by Crimson.

* Episode appearances: 55, 58-59, 75-76
* Voice Actor: Steve Staley


(レム): Former D-Block Leader, she is a girl who has the power of "Fist of Nighty-Night" (Fist of Crash-Sleeping:爆睡真拳 Baku sui Shinken) to send her opponents to a world of dreams known as "Rem Rest Realm", which they never wake up from. Sometimes, however, she gets carried away and ends up falling asleep herself. Within her sleep world, Rem is twenty-times more powerful than her physical self. After defeating her in her own world, Bo-bobo sends her to "Bo-bobo World Nightmare", where she is forced to face strange nightmarish visions as brought to life by Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler. It is later revealed that she was the daughter of two mattresses, and apparently was a misfit in the family and teased by her brothers. After an evil soul living inside of her is exorcised, she becomes good and surrenders, while consequently warning Bo-bobo and the others on the three most powerful of her era: Lambada, Hanpen and Czar Baldy Bald the 3rd. Despite changing sides, Rem is seen with Lambada during a cameo during episode 70 when Bo-bobo and friends are being told the rules of the Chrome Dome Playoffs. She is then captured by Crimson and would have joined the clock of sacrifices if it were not for a selfless sacrifice on the part of Lambada and some help from everyone's favorite afro wearing wiggin warrior, Bobobo.
* Episode appearances: 61-64, 70, 75-76
* Manga Appearance: 196-196.5
* Voice Actor: Megan Hollingshead

Combat Blues

(コンバット・ブルース)/Major Minor: Former leader of E-Block, a soldier who is the guardian of the "Battlefield Requiem" (a water slide attraction) of Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX. His specialty is "Trap Shinken" (Fist of Trapsトラップ真拳) Super Fist of Trapping in the U.S. dub, which allows him the use of all sorts of military-issue weaponry as well as various traps set along the water slides. Unfortunately, he gets hit by his own weapons and traps often, not to mention faces his downfall when his sure-fire ultimate weapon...turns out to be Torpedo Girl! He is later seen working alongside Czar Baldy Bald the 3rd as he invades the Hair Kingdom, but is merely reading porn while his boss gains the ultimate power! During Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, he has been seen remaining on the Third's side even as he rules the Neo-Maruhage unquestionably.

* Episode appearances: 55, 57, 75
* Manga appearances: 196.5, 187, 219, 229
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

Ukijin TOKIO

(宇治金TOKIO Ukijin TOKIO)/Not Nice Cream: Former leader of F-Block, this walking bowl of ujikintoki (a Japanese style shaved ice, changed in the dub to pistachio ice cream) is the leader of the "Runaway Robot Range" area of this amusement park. A master of "Natsu Shinken" (Fist of Summer:夏真拳), he is able to create circumstances similar to the summer season or fire ice cream at his opponents. It is revealed that he used to spend his time on the beach, begging for money. After being defeated by Bo-bobo, Jelly Jiggler and Hatenko (by going on a world tour), he returns to try assisting other former leaders in the "Life or Death Triple" medal game...only to be thrown out instantly. He shortly joins up with Beauty and Don Patch in the battle against Seijuro, only to join up with Halekulani in awe of his money. After he is saved by Bobobo, he rejects his one time friend Hanpen because he fought with the afro wearing warrior during the second half of the tournament.

* Episode appearances: 55-56, 60-61, 70-71, 75-76
* Manga appearances: 196-196.5
* Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien

Rose-Lily Kikunojō

(薔薇百合菊之丞 Barayuri Kikunojō) / Wild Wister: The former leader of G-Block, he is the first leader from the seven-most powerful Hair Hunter blocks from one hundred years ago to awaken in the 31st Century era. Known for his tinted sunglasses and his open-collared shirt, he is a master of "Hyakka Ryōran Shinken" (百花繚乱真拳 Fist of Blooming Flowers, dub: Fist of One Hundred Wild Flowers), which allows him to control various floral-based attacks such as petal storms or the growing of various flowers to do his bidding. Upon his release, Kikunojō finds himself in search of the Hair Kingdom, knowing of its power and danger from his era. Unfortunately, that search leads him to Bo-bobo, and he becomes his first victim to his new "super" power... which turns out to be a real cool jacket.

* Episode appearances: 53-54
* Voice Actor: Dan Woren

Other Block Leaders

Like the modern Maruhage, nineteen further Hair-Hunt blocks existed during the former era. As they awoke into this time, the major block leaders recruited several of them to assist in the Sangaria matches against Bo-bobo's troops. Those who weren't chosen ended up assisting on less-major attractions such as the merry-go-round, which is primarily ruled by three block leaders without any true leadership.


(チクワン)/Churro Charlie: Former H-Block Leader who is a living chikuwa (or a churro in the U.S. dub) that tries to help Master Hanpen by starting a group cheer. The end result is Hanpen yelling at Chikuwan and his cheering squad, making them all upset. He also appears to have a cold.
* Episode appearances: 65-67
* Seiyuu: Minoru Shiraishi
* Voice actor: Michael Sorich

Guy Bō

(GUY坊 GUY Bō)/Guy Boy Former I-Block Leader who helps "Master" Hanpen. He keeps surprise-attacking Hatenko whenever he gets distracted, but ends up doing this one too many times and gets his arm "LOCKED". Bell sounds are usually heard when he strikes.
* Episode appearances: 65-67


(チスイスイ)/ Vampire Lame-stat: Former commander of K-Block, he's a vampire who assists Not Nice Cream in the "Runaway Robot Range". Unfortunately, he isn't good at sucking jelly and falls alongside his team. He is also known to have good speed and agility, as he can easily move out the way from being run over by Gizmo the Robot. While doing so, he can use his tentacles to his advantage to change the route that Gizmo the Robot moves through. He is defeated by Bobobo's volcanic eruption of magma.
* Episode appearances: 55-56


(ラパラパ)/ Lapalapa: Former N-Block Leader, also working with Jeda the Wind God in the ice-skating attraction (mostly explaining the rules) and falls against PatchBobo.
* Episode appearances: 58-59
* Voice Actor: Steve Kramer

Three-Thousand Years

(三千年 Sanzennen): Former O-Block Leader and the only competent member of the merry-go-round attack squad, he fights with the secret technique from three-thousand years of Chinese history: flying bowls of ramen. While the only one of his trio on the merry-go-round that fights, he easily falls by a team effort of Softon, Hatenko and Torpedo Girl.
* Episode appearances: 59

tar Saber

(スターセイバー)/ Freak-O-Vision: Former leader of P-Block, he's a walking TV monitor with a fan on his back and boxing gloves on his fists. His abilities include a powerful punch as well as the ability to transform himself and his allies into sci-fi versions of themselves.
* Episode appearances: 55-56
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich


(覇凱王 Hagaiou)/ Baron von Horny: Former Q-Block Leader, controls a frog mech that transforms to an elephant in the Ice Mecha Ring match. His appearance suggests that he may be somehow connected to Haou of the "Terrible Triplets".
* Episode appearances: 58-59
* Voice Actor: Dan Lorge

Ishikawa Goemon

(イシカワ・ゴエモン)/Roman Samurai: Former R-Block leader, he's a strange samurai-like warrior Don Patch is forced to fight in the "Hell Area" of "Life or Death Triple". First appearing as Roman Kikō (浪漫貴公 Roman Kikō, translates into "Romantic You", this is the name where dub name "Roman Samurai" comes from), he is the master of "Genjū Shinken" (幻獣真拳 Fist of Strange Animals), allowing him to summon creatures from another dimension to fight for him (even though many of these things aren't too helpful). However, his true identity, easily identified by Don Patch, is similar to the famed Japanese thief and he even tries to steal from Don Patch before falling to defeat.
* Episode appearances: 60-62
* Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter


(やぎゅう): Former V-Block Leader, he's a samurai who is best described as an idiot after trying to charge at Torpedo Girl and Co. on a Merry-Go-Round horse. His ponytail gets ripped off by Torpedo Girl and used as Calligraphy brush.
* Episode appearances: 59
* Voice Actor: Paul St. Peter

wimsuit Gal & Swimsuit Girl

Swimsuit Gal (水着ギャル Mizugi Gyaru) and Swimsuit Girl (水着ガール Mizugi Gāru): Two teenage girls in swimsuits who are respectively the former leaders of W-Block and J-Block and working alongside Combat Blues at the water slide battlefield. The two of them comfort their boss every time he's knocked out, instantly reviving him back into action (and leading to accusations he's a pervert). However, near the episode's end, Bo-bobo has turned them to good just before Combat Blues is defeated.
* Episode appearances: 57
* Voice Actor: Barbara Goodson


(モーデル)/Morbel: Former X-Block Leader who loves to hold his own fashion shows, even at the most inappropriate time. He use to be the star of the shows, that is until Torpedo Girl kicked him off and stole the spotlight. He appears again during the New Emperor Playoffs
* Episode appearances: 59, 73
* Manga appearances: 196.5


(カンチョー君 Kancho-kun)/The Splinter: A tiny creature with hands on its head, the former leader of Y-Block's main attack is jutting its fingers up an opponent's butt, a prank commonly performed by small children called a "kancho". After stabbing Jelly Jiggler, Bo-bobo removes it from his behind...where it already is seen dead (a Kancho dies after it has accomplished its life's work). During the threat of the Reverse Chrome Dome Empire, Kancho becomes defacto leader of the group as they journey through the Yamiking towards Hydrate.

In the final chapter of the series, we discover that there is an entire species of Kanchos, of which several were gathered for the funeral of one of their own (one had assisted Don Patch in the final battle with Tsurulina the Third). Don Patch takes another one from the crowd at the funeral before moving along.
* Episode appearances: 61-62, 70, 75-76
* Manga appearances: 179-196.5, Shinsetsu 72-73
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich

Rububa the Bubbles

(泡玉のルブバ Awadama no Rububa)/Bubble-uba: Former Z-Block Leader who uses Shabon Shinken (シャボ ン真拳:Fist of Soap) Super Fist of the Bubbles in the dub, which allows him to create bubbles of any size through a giant straw or turn himself into a bubble. He explains the functions of the "Life or Death Triple" machine and lays out a 6-team format for fighting inside (which Bobobo's team disregard anyway since Dengakuman and Softon came in as extras and Jelly Jiggler re-enters the machine under a different alias). Rububa dispatches Dengakuman easily with bubble warriors, but gets blasted away by Rice, Don Patch, and Bobobo's "Wiggin' Cannon".
* Episode appearances: 60
* Voice Actor: Brian Beacock

Hair Hunters

Although a massive platoon of former Hair Hunters were frozen alongside Tsurulina the Third and the generals, many of them were of no significance to the story. All of the Hair Hunters in this list are notable due to waking prior to the main group of former Hair Hunters, with many of them joining Rose-Lily Kikunojo's initial assault. The exception to that group are the two Associate Hair Hunters, who remained in the chamber when Tsurulina the Fourth investigated the return of his predecessors.


(ゴルゴン): A hair hunter from one hundred years ago, has the ability to breathe fire (and for some reason he can fight better underwater).
* Episode appearances: 52
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich


(ニヒル) / Ringo (assumed name): A hair hunter from one hundred years ago, known for having bangs in front of his eyes and being extremely cool. After the defeat of the first wave of Hair Hunters, he ends up gaining the assistance of his former Hair Hunt block leader: Wild Wister, though Wild Wister uses an attack which makes sees no difference between friend or foe, which knocks him out of the fight. He continues to watch from a nearby alley, and is surprised when Bobobo defeats Wister. In the English dub, there are several puns made by him in reference to The Beatles, the famous English rock band, not to mention his supposed dub name is the same name of one of the band members. In the dub, it is possible the he and Shaina are a couple.
* Episode appearances: 52-54
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich


(ラッコ): A small otter/Hair Hunter from one hundred years ago, ends up playing Dengaku Man in shogi before being sent off to an aquarium. He claims that he was not really part of the Hair Hunters and was merely hitching a ride with them.
* Episode appearances: 52-53
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich


(十兵衛 Juubei): A hair hunter from one hundred years ago, wears an eye patch and wields a sword, but prevents him from being tossed around by Softon.
* Episode appearances: 52
* Voice Actor: Michael Sorich


(シャイナ Syaina): A female Hair Hunter from one hundred years ago, she can transform her hair into a spider and shoots strings from her fingers and manipulate them like the webs of a spider. In the dub its implied that she and Ringo are a couple.
* Episode appearances: 52-53

Associate Hair Hunters #5 and #6

Two hair hunters, a human in torn clothing with a switchblade and a small gumdrop-like creature with wings, the two of them were former Hair Hunters from a hundred years ago. Working together, they force Czar Baldy Bald the 4th to release the former Hair Hunter leaders from their era to take care of the enemies in this time. They are sacrificed by the reverse chromedome after dropping out of the new emperor playoffs. These two, along with Combat Blues, remain loyal to Czar Baldy Bald the 3rd through the end of part 1.
* Episode appearances: 52-55, 75-76
* Manga appearances: 196, 196.5, 229
* Voice Actor: Steve Staley (Associate Hair Hunter #5)

Other vilains

Gadget Kun

(ガジエト 君 Gajeto kun)/Gizmo Gadget the Robot The robot is the "Runaway Robot" Gizmo Gadget attraction that is operated by Ujikin TOKIO's team in the Runaway Robot Range. It follows the path of the tracks on the field and can be altered at any time. However, if it ever crashes, it explodes.

Bubble Brothers: Buby & Buba

Two demonic bubble beings that are summoned by Rububa the Bubbles. They both defeat Dengakuman.

Ishikawa Goemon's monsters


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