Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure

Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure

R.A.G.E. - Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure, is an organisation supporting and campaigning for those suffering from injury from radiotherapy given as treatment for breast cancer.


It was the publicity surrounding Lady Audrey Ironside's injury and subsequent quest for acknowledgement and redress in a High Court action which led to the realisation that others had suffered similarly. At the time R.A.G.E. was formed, little information was available concerning possible long term disabling effects of breast radiation. It was also evident that there were no standards governing the delivery of breast Radiotherapy.

"The chief problems reported were those of unrelieved pain, characteristically neuropathic in character, and paralysis of the hand and then the whole arm. Further complications include bone necrosis and pain, lung damage, severe fibrosis and Lymphoedema." ["Management of Adverse effects following breast Radiotherapy" by the Royal College of Radiologists ]

Lady Ironside, along with fellow sufferers Jan Millington and actress Liz Gebhardt founded R.A.G.E. to campaign for national standards in radiotherapy, to raise awareness of injuries and gain sympathetic medical care within the National Health Service, to seek compensation and to provide mutual support. As a result of pressure from R.A.G.E. on the Department of Health, cancer centres were targeted with two publications, "Brachial Plexus Neuropathy following radiotherapy for breast cancer", and the above quoted publication from the Royal College of Radiologists. These centres should now provide the range of services and specialist referrals appropriate to a patient's needs. R.A.G.E. continues to press for better and more expert treatment, and has raised funds for research projects. A 'class action' presented for trial to gain compensation in 1998 on behalf of 132 sufferers was largely unsuccessful.


"R.A.G.E. deserves our utmost respect and congratulations for their determination to improve things for people with late radiation injury their courage and persistence has been a major drive to the improvement in Radiotherapy in Britain and this should be acknowledged." [ Dr. Jane Maher, Medical director, Linda Jackson Macmillan centre, Mount Vernon Hospital ]


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