List of Picket Fences episodes

List of Picket Fences episodes

This is a list of Picket Fences episodes, in the order that they originally aired on CBS. It had four seasons, each consisting of 22 episodes. The series premiered on September 18, 1992.


Season 1 (1992–1993)

# Title Writer(s) Director(s) Original airdate Production code
1-1 "Pilot" David E. Kelley Ron Lagomarsino September 18, 1992 9K79
A beloved local man is killed during a stage production of The Wizard of Oz. Suspicion initially falls on the town pharmacist when the sheriff learns the dead man was having an affair with his daughter. The dead man's wife confesses but her confession is suppressed in court. She is then murdered and the Sheriff's department discovers that she and the pharmacist conspired to kill her husband and then the pharmacist killed her. 
1-2 "The Green Bay Chopper" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman September 25, 1992 9K01
After a child brings a severed human hand to school for show and tell, the Sheriff's department teams with the FBI to pursue a serial kidnapper, the "Green Bay Chopper", who severs the right hands of his victims. 
1-3 "Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town" David E. Kelley Jeremy Kagan October 2, 1992 9K03
Max falls for a midget who rides into town on an elephant. Jill tells Kimberly's favorite teacher, Mr. Pankow, that he has a brain tumor. 
1-4 "The Autumn of Rome" David E. Kelley Tom Moore October 16, 1992 9K02
The candidates in an upcoming mayoral election are using such outrageous smear campaigns that Sheriff Brock considers running for Mayor himself. 
1-5 "Frank the Potato Man" Mark B. Perry, David E. Kelley Ron Lagomarsino October 23, 1992 9K04
A rash of break-ins leads to an investigation of a "serial bather". Suspicion initially centers on "Frank the Potato Man", a vagrant who, it is learned, was tried for aggravated rape 15 years earlier. 
1-6 "Remembering Rosemary" David E. Kelley Donald Petrie October 26, 1992 9K05
When a catatonic housemaid utters the word "murder" after a decade of not speaking, the Sheriff's department learns that the ten year-old "suicide" of a beloved town figure was actually a homicide. 
1-7 "The Contenders" David Assael, David E. Kelley Mel Damski October 30, 1992 9K06
Town doctor Jill Brock, fed up with the mayor's failure to address women's issues, declares herself a write-in candidate in the upcoming mayoral election. Deputy Kenny Lakos arrests a former boxing world champion and convinces him to engage in a charity match before extradition. 
1-8 "Sacred Hearts" David E. Kelley Tom Moore November 6, 1992 9K07
An elderly patient is murdered at a nursing home. A "singing serial mercy-killing" nun is arrested, sparking controversy over the ethics and legality of euthanasia. 
1-9 "Thanksgiving" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman November 13, 1992 9K08
Jill's father arrives in Rome with his new twenty-six-year-old girlfriend. Wambaugh finds his wife in bed with another man. 
1-10 "The Snake Lady" David E. Kelley Joan Tewkesbury December 4, 1992 9K10
Max, Brock, and Kenny investigate the mysterious death of a woman who may or may not have committed suicide. 
1-11 "Pageantry" David E. Kelley, Mark B. Perry Mel Damski December 11, 1992 9K09
A rabbi seeks to block the town from staging a religiously-themed Christmas pageant on public property. The town is shocked to learn that beloved teacher Louise Talbot, scheduled to play the Virgin Mary in the pageant, is a post-operative transsexual. 
1-12 "High Tidings" David E. Kelley Oz Scott December 18, 1992 9K11
When the Brock family inadvertently finds Kimberly having sex with her 19 year-old boyfriend on Christmas Eve, Jimmy wants to prosecute him for statutory rape. A man claiming to be Santa Claus takes Max and dispatcher Ginny hostage and Jimmy tries to talk him down. 
1-13 "Frog Man" David E. Kelley, Mark B. Perry Michael Schultz January 8, 1993 9K12
Kenny is seriously injured by the Frog Man, a burglar who leaves live frogs at the site of his crimes. 
1-14 "Bad Moon Risings" David E. Kelley Alan Myerson January 15, 1993 9K13
When Alice Freeman is charged with murder in the death of her husband, Wambaugh defends her by claiming insanity as the result of menopause. 
1-15 "Nuclear Meltdown" David E. Kelley Jeremy Kagan January 22, 1993 9K14
When her friend becomes pregnant, Kimberly fears that she is the victim of incest. However, the man purporting to be her father is actually her husband and they are involved in a polygamous relationship. Max investigates a religious sect that engages in animal sacrifice. 
1-16 "The Body Politic" David E. Kelley Mel Damski February 5, 1993 9K15
A fugitive doctor seeks a court order to allow him to keep his brain-dead wife on life support to allow her to bring her pregnancy to term. The mayor fires the town dentist for refusing to disclose that he is HIV-positive. 
1-17 "Be My Valentine" David E. Kelley Dan Lerner February 12, 1993 9K16
Deputy Max goes undercover when a response to her personal ad leads her to believe that she is being targeted by a serial killer known as "Cupid." 
1-18 "Fetal Attraction" David E. Kelley Martin Davidson April 1, 1993 9K17
Jill enlists her former fiancé to perform a fetal transplant on a patient with Parkinson's disease over the objections of the town hospital. Jimmy feels threatened when he catches Jill and her former fiancé exchanging a kiss. 
1-19 "Sightings" Kimberly Costello Elliot Silverstein April 8, 1993 9K18
Carter believes a sheriff who mysteriously disappeared thirty-eight years earlier may have been killed by radiation emitted by an Unidentified Flying Object. 
1-20 "Rights of Passage" David E. Kelley Michael Fresco April 15, 1993 9K19
A group of heavily armed Chippewa Indians declares war on Rome and storms the courthouse. Ginny stages a protest when Jill begins administering growth hormones to a short boy. Matthew takes on the school bully. 
1-21 "Sugar & Spice" David E. Kelley Alan Myerson April 29, 1993 9K20
Kimberly and her best female friend exchange a few kisses during a sleepover, leading to rumors that Kimberly is a lesbian. She turns to her birth mother, who had a lesbian affair in college, for advice. 
1-22 "The Lullaby League" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman May 6, 1993 9K21
Max delivers a baby and begins adoption procedures when the natural mother disappears. Jill transplants a pig's liver into a blues vocalist after the woman collapses on stage. 

Season 2 (1993–1994)

# Title Writer(s) Director(s) Original airdate Production code
2-1 "Turpitude" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman October 22, 1993 1K01
Mayor Pugen kills a carjacker after the carjacker drops his weapon and Sheriff Brock must decide whether to press murder charges. When he does, the new district attorney has to choose how to prosecute the case. 
2-2 "Duty Free Rome" David E. Kelley Ron Lagomarsino October 28, 1993 1K02
Douglas Wombaugh appeals Mayor Pugen's murder conviction but the mayor spontaneously combusts. A Catholic couple who carry the genes for Hurler syndrome are tormented by the church's prohibition on contraception. Max's therapist attempts to manipulate her into a sexual relationship and she has him arrested. 
2-3 "Unlawful Entries" Larry Moskowitz, David E. Kelley Mel Damski October 29, 1993 1K03
Kenny and Max respond to a report of a rape and find a man and woman fighting. Under pressure from Kenny, the man says that it was she who raped him. Following a probable cause hearing, Judge Bone advises the district attorney and Wombaugh to reach a plea bargain. The woman gets a year sentence, suspended, after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault. Local businesswoman Rachel Harris is sworn in as mayor and she and Jimmy clash over her plans for his office. Max's former therapist manipulates her into dropping charges and they enter into a sexual relationship. 
2-4 "Under the Influence" Geoffrey Neigher, Ann Donahue, David E. Kelley Michael Schultz November 5, 1993 1K04
Max lets a drunk driver continue the short distance to her home, but the woman is involved in an accident that leaves the other drive paralyzed. The situation is complicated by Wambaugh's advice to the drunk driver to drink some Scotch to "calm her nerves," and Max's relationship with her therapist. The mayor accuses Jimmy of having problems with having a woman as his boss. 
2-5 "The Dancing Bandit" David E. Kelley Lou Antonio November 12, 1993 1K06
Jill and Zack are among the hostages taken by a group of bank robbers led by a deaf woman (Marlee Matlin) who calls herself "the dancing bandit." Jimmy works with the FBI to stop the standoff, but the group proves far craftier than anyone expected. 
2-6 "Dairy Queen" Michael Sarno, David E. Kelley Mel Damski November 26, 1993 1K05
The town is divided when Jill and the Mayor back a sexy model to be the town's "Dairy Queen," but Sheriff Brock is more interested in the woman's apparently abusive husband and manager. Kimberly and Matthew work on a documentary called "A Day in the Life of a C-Cup," but Kimberly finds herself considering drastic options after seeing how people treat her. 
2-7 "Cross Examination" David E. Kelley Oz Scott December 3, 1993 1K08
A young woman in a coma following a car accident is found to be four months' pregnant, despite being a virgin. When her father seeks an abortion to try to save her life, the town's Catholic and Protestant clergy intervene, citing possible divine causation. Matthew tells Zack that there is no Santa Claus. 
2-8 "Strangers" Sonny Gordon, David E. Kelley Kristoffer Tabori December 10, 1993 1K07
2-9 "Blue Christmas" Ann Donahue, Geoffrey Neigher, David E. Kelley Alan Myerson December 17, 1993 1K09
2-10 "Paging Doctor God" David E. Kelley Lorraine Senna Ferrara January 7, 1994 1K10
2-11 "Guns 'R' Us" Geoffrey Neigher, Ann Donahue, David E. Kelley James Frawley January 14, 1994 1K11
Matthew's attempts to get revenge for a humiliation by some high-school bullies by threatening them with a gun takes an unexpected turn, which lands one of them in the hospital and Matthew in jail for attempted murder. Meanwhile, Mayor Harris' decision to rollback deputy salaries inspires a round of "blue flu" with Kenny and Maxine. 
2-12 "Remote Control" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman January 21, 1994 1K12
Littleton and Wambaugh go head to head again in the courtroom as Wambaugh argues that his latest client, Timmy Hendricks, was predisposed to violence because of his exposure to television and movies. Meanwhile, Sheriff Brock reacts with anger against Mayor Harris' attempts to impose a strong police presence in Rome, including fingerprinting all the citizens and random searches of vehicles for weapons. 
2-13 "Abominable Snowman" David E. Kelley Bill D'Elia January 28, 1994 1K13
Howard Buss's son Kevin will die without a heart transplant so Howard, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, seeks a court order to allow him the right to assisted suicide so he can give his heart to his son. Frank the Potato Man sues the town for a place to live, claiming an implied social contract. 
2-14 "Supreme Courting" David E. Kelley Michael Schultz February 4, 1994 1K14
2-15 "Divine Recall" David E. Kelley Mel Damski February 11, 1994 1K15
A 25 year-old soft-core pornographic video of Mayor Rachel Harris surfaces. The town clergy lead a movement to remove her from office. Howard Buss, as senior member of the town council, becomes acting mayor. 
2-16 "Terms of Estrangement" Ann Donahue, Geoffrey Neigher, Larry Moskowitz, David E. Kelley Andre Guttfreund March 4, 1994 1K16
Kimberly is kidnapped and held hostage by an African-American man who wants revenge over her father, Sheriff Brock. 
2-17 "Squatter's Rights" David E. Kelley Lou Antonio March 11, 1994 1K17
A 500-pound woman confesses to murdering her husband by sitting on his head. Douglas Wambough is expelled from his synagogue and seeks a ruling in a Jewish religious court to be reinstated. 
2-18 "System Down" David E. Kelley Alan Myerson April 1, 1994 1K18
A high profile murder trial in which the defendant is accused of murdering two police officers is transferred to Rome. Sheriff Brock winds up as the foreman of the jury that must decide the defendant's fate. 
2-19 "Buried Alive" David E. Kelley David Jones (III) April 8, 1994 1K19
Max arrests Jill's father. The Brocks invite her to dinner in hopes of smoothing things over but end up confronting their own issues with each other as well. 
2-20 "My Left Shoe" David E. Kelley, Geoffrey Neigher, Ann Donahue Bethany Rooney April 29, 1994 1K20
2-21 "Frosted Flakes" David E. Kelley, Larry Moskowitz, Sean O'Byrne Dennis Dugan May 6, 1994 1K21
The parents of a boy dying of leukemia seek a court order to allow them to place the child in cryonic suspension. 
2-22 "Howard's End" David E. Kelley David Jones (III) May 13, 1994 1K22
Howard Buss's Alzheimer's disease worsens and his anguished son Kevin shoots him to death. Kevin is put on trial for murder. 

Season 3 (1994–1995)

# Title Writer(s) Director(s) Original airdate Production code
3-1 "Survival of the Fittest" David E. Kelley Ron Lagomarsino September 23, 1994 2K01
3-2 "Systematic Abuse" David E. Kelley Michael Schultz September 30, 1994 2K02
3-3 "The Bus Stops Here (1)" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman October 7, 1994 2K03
A Wisconsin Federal judge orders that 400 black students from the Green Bay ghetto be bused to Rome's schools, prompting panic among Sheriff Brock and the parents, knowing that a good number of them are lowlifes and drug dealers that come from that neighborhood. Meanwhile, Wambaugh gets a surprising response to his appeal of the Brian Latham murder conviction to go the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington DC. Also, Maxine makes a mess of her relationship with Littleton. 
3-4 "Enemy Lines (2)" David E. Kelley, Ann Donahue James Frawley October 14, 1994 2K04
Jill and Judge Nance air their feelings in a heated face-to-face exchange after she is arrested after she reveals of performing surgery on the Christian Science man. Meanwhile, Kimberly has a run with one of Green Bay's transfer students, named Aisha, who initially responds with hostility. Also, Littleton asks Maxine out on a date. 
3-5 "Cold Spell" Nick Carter, David E. Kelley Lou Antonio October 28, 1994 2K05
After a young girl spray paints a pentacle on a wall at school, Sheriff Brock removes her from the custody of her mother, a practicing Wiccan, and a court custody battle ensues. Max and Kenny discover Ginny frozen to death in her own freezer. Her brother (played by Paul Williams) holds a memorial service at which he sings "The Rainbow Connection" (a song written by Williams for "The Muppet Movie"). 
3-6 "Elective Conduct" David Mills, David E. Kelley Rachel Feldman November 4, 1994 2K06
3-7 "Rebels with Causes" David E. Kelley Tom Skerritt November 11, 1994 2K07
3-8 "May It Please the Court" David E. Kelley Lou Antonio November 18, 1994 2K08
3-9 "For Whom the Wind Blows" David E. Kelley Michael Schultz December 2, 1994 2K09
3-10 "Away in the Manger" David E. Kelley Bill D'Elia December 16, 1994 2K10
3-11 "Freezer Burn" David E. Kelley Joe Napolitano January 6, 1995 2K11
3-12 "Frogman Returns" David E. Kelley Oz Scott January 13, 1995 2K12
3-13 "Mr. Seed Goes to Town" Ann Donahue, Geoffrey Neigher, David E. Kelley Dennis Dugan January 20, 1995 2K13
3-14 "Close Encounters" David E. Kelley Bethany Rooney February 3, 1995 2K14
3-15 "When in Rome" Richard Kramer, Michael Nanking, Nick Harding Lorraine Senna Ferrara February 24, 1995 2K15
When a child molester moves to Rome after spending 26 years in prison it causes big problems for the local residents especially with Jill and Jimmy, who are struggling to reconcile parental concerns with their professional duties. 
3-16 "Heroes and Villains" David E. Kelley Richard Masur March 3, 1995 2K16
The hearing impaired Dancing Bandit is arrested when she visits Zach on his birthday. Federal authorities want her trial to be set in Rome, where the jury reaches a surprising verdict. 
3-17 "Changing of the Guard" David E. Kelley Arvin Brown March 10, 1995 2K17
Jimmy goes outside of his department to get the help me needs to find Lawson who is wanted for murder. Meanwhile the town launches its own search to find Lawson, and Kenny and Max are caught kissing on the job. 
3-18 "Without Mercy" David E. Kelley James Frawley March 31, 1995 2K18
3-19 "Final Judgement" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman April 7, 1995 2K19
3-20 "Saint Zach" Nick Harding, David E. Kelley Michael Nankin April 28, 1995 2K20
3-21 "Upbringings" Lee Blessing, Jeanne Blake, David E. Kelley Nancy Malone May 5, 1995 2K21
3-22 "The Song of Rome" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman May 12, 1995 2K22

Season 4 (1995–1996)

# Title Writer(s) Director(s) Original airdate Production code
4-1 "A Change of Season" Jeff Melvoin Michael Pressman September 22, 1995 3K01
4-2 "Reap the Whirlwind" Nick Harding James Frawley September 29, 1995 3K02
4-3 "Pal Joey" Nicole Yorkin, Dawn Prestwich Mel Damski October 6, 1995 3K04
4-4 "Bloodbrothers" John Wirth Tom Skerritt October 13, 1995 3K03
4-5 "Dog Eat Dog" Lawrence Myers Lou Antonio October 20, 1995 3K05
4-6 "Heart of Saturday Night" Ellen Herman Jeremy Kagan October 27, 1995 3K06
Note- In 1997 TV Guide ranked this episode number 96 on it's '100 Greatest Episodes of All Time' list.[1] 
4-7 "Down the Tubes" Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin Michael Schultz November 3, 1995 3K07
4-8 "This Little Piggy" Nick Harding Sandy Smolan December 8, 1995 3K10
4-9 "Witness for the Prosecution" David E. Kelley Dennie Gordon December 15, 1995 3K09
4-10 "Dem Bones" Lawrence Myers Lou Antonio January 5, 1996 3K12
4-11 "Bloodlines" John Wirth Joe Napolitano January 12, 1996 3K11
4-12 "Snow Exit" Nicole Yorkin, Dawn Prestwich Jonathan Pontell January 19, 1996 3K13
4-13 "My Romance" Ellen Herman Arvin Brown January 26, 1996 3K08
4-14 "The Z Files" Rosanne Welch, Christine Petit Arvin Brown February 9, 1996 3K14
4-15 "Bottled" David E. Kelley David Jones (III) February 16, 1996 3K15
4-16 "Winner Takes All" Nick Harding Scott Paulin June 5, 1996 3K16
4-17 "Dante's Inferno" Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin Daniel Attias April 22, 1996 3K17
4-18 "Forget Selma" Ellen Herman Michael Lange June 12, 1996 3K18
4-19 "To Forgive is Divine" Ursula Wendel Tom Skerritt June 19, 1996 3K19
4-20 "Liver Let Die" Lawrence Myers Dennis Smith June 26, 1996 3K21
4-21 "Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey" John Wirth David Jones (III) April 24, 1996 3K20
It's the christening of Mayor Bey's baby, Michael, but the Rome residents are flabbergasted when Laurie announces that she had the baby for her brother Jerry and his lover Gordy, who plan to raise the baby in the town. The Beys' estranged mother Christine, who turned her back on her children because she was deaf and he was gay, turns up and announces she is taking them all to court to get custody of her grandson. Tension brews in Rome as the people take sides on the issue and a campaign begins to have Laurie removed as Mayor, resulting in Jerry and Gordy being attacked at the supermarket by a vicious homophobic gang. Despite attempts by the prosecution to discredit the men and prove their lifestyle is unsuitable to raise a child in, Judge Bone ultimately rules in their favor and allows them to keep baby Michael, saying he doesn't feel they pose a threat to the boy. The court case over, Mrs Bey leaves Rome again under a cloud, and Laurie is emotional as she leaves the baby in the care of his two dads. 
4-22 "Three Weddings and a Meltdown" Nick Harding, Nicole Yorkin, Dawn Prestwich Mel Damski April 24, 1996 3K22
In the final episode, Carter inadvertently proposes to Sue after she gets her wires crossed. Nevertheless, he's a man of his word and they announce their engagement to the people of Rome. Their sudden decision to wed prompts Kenny and Max to do the same, although they later begin to experience cold feet. Digging in her friend Selma's backyard, Myriam Wambaugh discovers human remains and Selma goes on trial for murder. Persuaded to defend her by his ex-wife, Wambaugh manages to get her off and passion erupts again for Doug and Myriam, who decide to get re-married in a triple ceremony with Carter & Sue and Kenny & Max. Meanwhile, the Brocks' marriage is in serious trouble, with Jill feeling they've come to the end of the line. She moves in with Joey to do some thinking and Jimmy is left to do the same. At the wedding, the three happy couples tie the knot and the wedding fever gets to Jimmy and Jill, who make up and get back together. As the cast gather for a group photo in their wedding finery, the series ends. 


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