The Master Key (1945 serial)

The Master Key (1945 serial)

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director = Lewis D. Collins
Ray Taylor
producer = Morgan Cox
writer = Jack Natteford
Dwight V. Babcock
Joseph O'Donnell
George H. Plympton
Ande Lamb
narrator =
starring = Milburn Stone
Jan Wiley
Dennis Moore
Addison Richards
Byron Foulger
Maris Wrixon
music =
cinematography =
editing = Irving Birnbaum
Jack Dolan
Ace Herman
Alvin Todd
Edgar Zane
distributor = Universal Pictures
released = 1945
runtime = 13 chapters (226 min)
country =
language = English
budget =
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amg_id = 1:31724
imdb_id = 0037904

"The Master Key" (1945) is a Universal movie serial.


Nazi spies, led by the mysterious "Master Key", kidnap Professor Henderson in order to acquire his "Orotron machine" which is capable of extracting gold from sea water. FBI agent Tom Brant, aided by reporter Janet Lowe and Detective Lt. Jack Ryan, attempt to rescue him and crack the Nazi spy ring.


* Milburn Stone as FBI Agent Tom Brant
* Jan Wiley as Janet Lowe, a reporter
* Dennis Moore as Detective Lt. Jack Ryan
* Addison Richards as Gerhard Doenitz, alias Garret Donahue, private investigator and Nazi agent
* Byron Foulger as Professor Elwood Henderson
* Maris Wrixon as Dorothy Newton
* Sarah Padden as Aggie
* George Lynn as Herman, the "Spearpoint Heavy" (chief henchman)
* Russell Hicks as Police Chief Michael J. O'Brien
* Roland Varno as Arnold "Hoff" Hoffman, alias M-3
* Lash La Rue as Migsy, a street urchin. This was La Rue's screen debut. [cite web |url= |title=The Master Key > Overview |accessdate=2008-09-19 |work=Allmovie |author=Wollstein, Hans J. |publisher=Macrovision Corporation]
* Jerry Shane as Dan, boys' club member
* Neyle Morrow as Spike, boys' club member
* John Eldredge as Walter Stark, alias M-6



*Carl Mathews
*David Sharpe
*Tom Steele
*Ken Terrell
*Dale Van Sickel

Chapter titles

# Trapped by Flames
# Death Turns the Wheel
# Ticket to Disaster
# Drawbridge Danger
# Runaway Car
# Shot Down
# Death on the Dial
# Bullet Serenade
# On Stage for Murder
# Fatal Masquerade
# Crash Curve
# Lightning Underground
# The Last KeySource: [cite book
last = Cline
first = William C.
title = In the Nick of Time
origyear = 1984
publisher = McFarland & Company, Inc.
isbn = 078640471X
pages = pp. 240
chapter = Filmography

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