List of websites blocked in the People's Republic of China

List of websites blocked in the People's Republic of China

This is a list of notable websites that are blocked, or have been blocked in the People's Republic of China. This list includes websites that are specifically blocked, and their history, in one or more regions of the People's Republic of China (PRC) under the country's policy of Internet censorship. Websites that are only blocked in particular institutions (e.g. universities) or are inaccessible because of packet filtering (and hence may be only partially or sporadically blocked) are not included in this list.

This list does not apply to the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, which have their own legal systems.

Reference sources

*Chinese Wikipedia (,, other language versions of Wikipedia (aside from certain articles) were unblocked for a period of time in 2007. On August 31st, 2007, all languages of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites were once again blocked in Mainland China.cite news
last = Schwankert
first = Steven
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] . They could reportedly be accessed through secure connections.cite web | url = | title = Facebook Gets Poked in China | last = Chao | first = Loretta | date = 2008-07-01 | accessdate = 2008-07-02 | publisher = Wall Street Journal] On July 31, 2008, the BBC reported that the Chinese Wikipedia had been unblocked that day in China; it had still been blocked the previous day. This came within the context of foreign journalists arriving in Beijing to report on the upcoming Olympic Games, and websites such as the Chinese edition of the BBC were being unblocked following talks between the International Olympic Committee and the Games' Chinese organisers. [ [ "Beijing unblocks BBC Chinese site"] , BBC, July 31, 2008]
* Wikipedia (, and other languages of Wikipedia excluding Chinese Wikipedia ( were unblocked on April 4th, 2008. However, sensitive topics such as Dalai Lama and Falun Gong are still blocked. The move comes after International Olympic Committee (IOC) inspectors told Beijing organisers that the internet must be open for the duration of the 2008 Olympics and that blocking it "would reflect very poorly" on the host country. [cite web
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] It is currently more accessible with repeated clicks on taboo matter causing the user to be locked out.

Wikia Wiki( was blocked and unavailable in China. Wikia is a wiki-like website hosting various wiki databases.


*China Worker (
*"China Times" ( web |url=|title= Sites Blocked in China - Highlights|author= Zittrain, Jonathan|coauthors= Edelman, Benjamin|year= 2002|work= Empirical Analysis of Internet Filtering in China|publisher= Harvard] cite web |url=|title= Website Test behind the Great Firewall of China|accessdate= 2007-05-13|publisher= WebSitePulse] (now unblocked)
*Radio Canada International (
*Radio Canada (
*CBC Television ( (now unblocked)
*United Nations News (
*Voice of America ( (now unblocked)
*Radio Free Asia ( (now unblocked)
*BBC News ( unblocked)
*BBC Chinese ( unblocked)
*Boxun News (
*100%Design News ( (now unblocked)
*China Digital Times (
*"China Times" ( (now unblocked)
*People's Radio Hong Kong (
*Radio Canada International (
*Radio Canada (
*Radio Taiwan International (
*"Sing Tao Daily" ( unblocked)
*TVBS ( unblocked)
*United Nations News (
*World Journal ( unblocked)
*"Yazhou Zhoukan" ( unblocked)
*Asia Times Online ( unblocked)
*Liberty Times ( unblocked)
*Sina Hong Kong News ( (now unblocked)
*Sina Taiwan News (
*Yahoo! Hong Kong ( unblocked)
*Philadelphia local news (
*Ming Pao (, unblocked)
*Hong Kong Apple Daily ( unblocked)
*Taiwan Apple Daily ( unblocked)
*Eastern Television (, unblocked)
*ChineseNewsNet (
*Roodo (
*Germany Chinese (
* (
*Yahoo! Taiwan News ( unblocked)
*The Chosun Ilbo Chinese ( unblocked)
*World News (
*Taiwan Independent Evening News ( unblocked)
*Sanlih E-Television (
*Pchome News (
*Sin Chew Jit Poh (Malaysia) ( unblocked)
*MSN Taiwan (
*AOL News ( unblocked)
*AOL Videos and Games (
*Myspace Videos (
*Kwong Wah Yit Poh (
*UDN ( website URL is "not" blocked.)
**UDN Blogs (
**UDN Online Newspaper (
*Youthwant ( website URL is "not" blocked.)
**Youthwant Share (
**Youthwant Internet forum (
*Yam (
**Yam News (
**Yam blogs (
*Seesaa ( unblocked)
*Yahoo! Taiwan ( unblocked)
*Google Cache

Blogging, vlogging, and web hosting services

*Youtube (No longer blocked, June 19th 2008)
**Blocked 15 October 2007cite news | last = Schwankert| first = Steven | title = YouTube blocked in China; Flickr, Blogspot restored | publisher = IDG News | date = 2007-10-18| url =| accessdate = 2008-01-26 ]
** However, it is worth noting that while a user cannot navigate beyond the main page of Youtube, Youtube content embedded as an HTML object can be viewed, which effectively means that Youtube videos can be linked to users in China and can be viewed.
*Dailymotion (
*Flickr (No Longer blocked, July 2, 2008)
**Blocked before 15 October 2007Fact|date=January 2008 Flickr image servers (,, [cite web |url=,2933,281195,00.html|title= Yahoo: China Blocking Flickr Photo Site|accessdate= 2007-06-12|date= 2007-06-12|publisher= Reuters] [cite web |url=|title= Flickr not even flickering in China|accessdate= 2007-06-09|author= Kopytoff, Verne|date= 2007-06-09|publisher=]
**Unblocked 15 October 2007 Flicker some new-uploaded image services,but old-uploaded images are still blocked.
*Tripod ( (No Longer Blocked, July 2, 2008) [cite web |url=|title= ii. Selected Other Domains|accessdate= 2007-04-15|work= Internet Filtering in China in 2004-2005|publisher= OpenNet Initiative]
*Technorati ( (Still Blocked as of July 2, 2008) [cite web |url=|title= Access to Technorati from China|author= Hertz, Adam|date= 2006-04-26|publisher= Technorati]
* Blogspot blogs (but not Blogger)(Still Blocked as of July 2, 2008)
**Blocked before 15 October 2007
**Unblocked 1 July 2008
*.Mac (Believed to be unblocked as of July 2, 2008)
**Blocked on April 16, 2008
*Xanga(Still Blocked as of July 15, 2008)
*TrendsSpotting (Still Blocked as of July 14, 2008)
*Facebook fact|date=August 2008(Has been accessible in some cities at least throughout 2007 and 2008.)(No Longer Blocked as of July 27, 2008)
*Multipy (
*Flickr blog (
*Webshots (
*LiveJournal (
*WordPress blogs(
*TypePad blogs (,but not and the blog administrator control panels)Fact|date=June 2007
*Opera Community (
*Roodo Blogs (
*Blogeasy ( Longer Blocked)
*Blogsome (
*Tblog (
*Vox (
*GreatestJournal (
*Yahoo! Taiwan Blogs ( Longer Blocked)
*Xuite blogs (
*Blogware blogs (,but not
*Wretch (website) blogs (
*BlueHost (
* (
*Feedburner feeds (
*MonteCarloHosting (
*Jaiku (
*Pixnet blogs (
*HiNet MYweb Service by Chunghwa Telecom (
*Sina Taiwan blogs (
*Sina Hong Kong blogs (
* (
* (
*Blip (
*Truveo (
*Megavideo (
*Exblog (
* (
*Tumblr (
*Freeimagehost (
*Far Eastern Economic Review (
*Newgrounds ( [Newgrounds]
*Soundinbox (, by providing a way to chinese people access blocked websites

Internet forums

* [ [ Opinion Board: Blocking notice] ]
*Hong Kong Discuss Forum (
*Uwants Forum (
*Sina BBS (

Non-governmental organizations

*Amnesty International ( unblocked)cite web |url=|title= Reporters Without Borders website blocked|date= 2003-04-15|publisher= Reporters without Borders]
*Human Rights Watch (
*Reporters Without Borders (
*Wikileaks ( [cite web
last = John
first = Paczkowski
authorlink =
coauthors =
title = Like Trying to Take Pee Out of a Swimming Pool …
work =
publisher =
date = 2008-02-18
url =
format = web
doi =
accessdate = 2008-02-20
* Falun Gong related websites like ( [ How Multinational Internet Companies assist Government Censorship in China]
*Oxfam Hong Kong (
*The Committee to Protect Journalists (

Files hosting services

*BaDonGo (,
*SendSpace (
* (
*Thepiratebay (

Online stores & payments

*iTunes - blocked during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing after more than 40 athletes downloaded a pro-Tibetan album from the service [cite web |url=|title= China blocks iTunes over all-star Tibet album free download|accessdate=2008-08-23 |work= |publisher= Times Online|date= 2008-08-22]
*博客來Bookstore (
*TWV OpenPay Credit Card Online Payment (

Political organizations

*Central Tibetan Administration (,

Governments and political parties

*Democratic Party of Hong Kong (
*Democratic Progressive Party (
*Kuomintang (
*People First Party (
*Civic Party (
*Civil Human Rights Front (
*Hong Kong Jockey Club ( unblocked)
*Congressional-Executive Commission on China (
*International Information Programs of United States (
*U.S. Department of State Chinese (

Personal blogs

*Magazeta (
*Robert Scoble (
*Andy Lau's website (

ee also

*Golden Shield Project


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