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name = Bullseye!

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director = Michael Winner
producer = Ami Artzi
Menahem Golan
Michael Winner
writer = Leslie Bricusse
Laurence Marks
Maurice Gran
Nick Mead
Michael Winner
starring = Michael Caine
Roger Moore
Sally Kirkland
movie_music = John Du Prez
distributor = Columbia
released = 1990
runtime = 95 min.
country = United Kingdom
language = English
amg_id =
imdb_id = 0101518
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"Bullseye!" is a 1990 comedy motion picture starring Michael Caine and Roger Moore. It was directed by Michael Winner.

Plot Summary

Moore and Caine play dual roles—a pair of small time con-men and a pair of inept nuclear physicists who believe they have invented a limitless supply of energy. The con men use their resemblance to the scientists to con their way into the scientists' safety deposit boxes and steal the formula, but in so-doing, they become entangled in a shady world of spies and international intrigue. The film includes a number of cameos, including Jenny Seagrove (Winner's partner at the time) playing two different roles, John Cleese, Nicholas Courtney, and the film also features Roger Moore's daughter, Deborah Moore, in a supporting role.

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