Tyre may refer to:
* The outer part of a wheel, see tire

*Tyre, Lebanon, the Phoenician city
*Tyre, New York, a town in the United States
*Tyre, Michigan, a hamlet in the United States

Historical events
* Siege of Tyre, battle in 332 BC
* Synod of Tyre, various meetings of churchmen, between the 4th and 6th centuries

* Apollonius of Tyre, medieval novella
* Pericles, Prince of Tyre, a play by William Shakespeare

Archbishops of Tyre
* Archbishop of Tyre, an influential post held throughout the Middle Ages. Particularly notable occupants included:
** Frederick, Archbishop of Tyre (d. 1174)
** William of Tyre (1130-1185), the Archbishop historian from the 1100s
** Joscius, Archbishop of Tyre (d. 1202)

* List of kings of Tyre
** Pygmalion of Tyre, King of Tyre from 820-744 BC
* Philip of Montfort, Lord of Tyre (d. 1270)
* Amalric, Prince of Tyre (1272-1310), the Crusader nobleman

* Marinos of Tyre, 1st century Lebanese geographer who may have originated the idea of the meridian
* Maximus of Tyre, Greek philosopher, 2nd century AD
* Dorotheus of Tyre, 3rd century saint
* Templar of Tyre, the Cyprus-based historian from the late 1200s and early 1300s

ee also

* Tyr (disambiguation)
* Tire (disambiguation)

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