Imperium (disambiguation)

Imperium (disambiguation)

Imperium is originally a legal concept of authority in Roman antiquity. The Latin phrase "Imperium Romanum" is usually translated as "Roman Empire"; by analogy Imperium is also applied to every empire, whether ruled by an emperor or not.

Other uses include:

Popular culture

*"Imperium" (album), an album by Current 93
*"Imperium" (album), an album by John Frusciante
*"Imperium" (song), a song by Machine Head
*"Imperium" (film), a TV-movie series on the Julio-Claudian Dynasty
*"Imperium" (play), a play by the Austrian writer and director Götz Spielmann ("Antares")
* Imperium is the name of the head of the White Martians in the Justice League Animated series.

Narrative fiction

* Imperium is the name of one of the main villains in the John J. Rust's science fiction novel "Epsilon".
* In the science fiction novel "Worlds of the Imperium" by Keith Laumer, the Imperium are a race or culture that take place during a time of imperialism mimicking 18th century France; the hero, Bayard, goes after an evil dictator of another world using the Blight, an interdimensional space traveling grid.
* The Imperium Trilogy is a series of three fantasy novels by author Harrison R. Bradlow. The books take place on an alternate Earth, and delve into moral and social issues such as the roles of government and war in society and the struggle between what is right and what is easy. The first book is scheduled for a December publication date.
*"Imperium (novel)", a 2006 novel by Robert Harris set in Ciceronian Rome.


*"", a 1947 book by Francis Parker Yockey (using the pen name Ulick Varange).
*"Imperium", a 1993 book by the Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuściński.


*"Imperium" (strategy game), a play-by-email game
*"Imperium" (board game), a science fiction board wargame
*Imperium ("Warhammer 40,000"), a galactic empire in the fictional "Warhammer 40,000" universe.
*Imperium ("Traveller"), a galactic empire in the fictional "Traveller" role-playing game universe
*Imperium AO, a MMORPG
*Imperium (video game), a Super Nintendo shoot 'em up from Vic Tokai, known as "Kidou Soukou Dion" in Japan


* Imperium is the human free will's 'command' over the lower (i.e. biological) faculties.Fact|date=September 2007

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