Junior G-Men of the Air

Junior G-Men of the Air

Infobox Film
name = Junior G-Men of the Air

image_size =
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director = Lewis D. Collins
Ray Taylor
producer = Henry MacRae
writer = Paul Huston
Griffin Jay
George H. Plympton
Brenda Weisberg
narrator =
starring = Billy Halop
Gene Reynolds
Lionel Atwill
Frank Albertson
Richard Lane
Huntz Hall
Gabriel Dell
Bernard Punsly
Frankie Darro
David Gorcey
Turhan Bey
music = Milton Rosen
cinematography = William A. Sickner
editing = Paul Landres
Louis Sackin
Alvin Todd
Edgar Zane
distributor = Universal Pictures
released = 4 May 1942
runtime = 12 chapters (225 min)
country = USA
language = English
budget =
preceded_by = Junior G-Men
Mob Town "(Little Tough Guys)"
followed_by = Tough As They Come "(Little Tough Guys)"
website =
amg_id = 1:26794
imdb_id = 0034930

Junior G-Men of the Air (1942) is a Universal movie serial starring the Dead End Kids and the Little Tough Guys.


Japanese sabateurs attack America in preparation for an invasion during World War II. They are discovered by "Ace" Holden and The Dead End Kids, who do not trust the police enough to help the government. To overcome this, the "Junior G-Men" (the Little Tough Guys) are sent by the FBI to stop the spies.


* Billy Halop as Billy "Ace" Holden
* Gene Reynolds as Eddie Holden
* Lionel Atwill as The Baron, a Japanese spy
* Frank Albertson as Jerry Markham
* Richard Lane as Agent Don Ames
* Huntz Hall as "Bolts" Larson
* Gabriel Dell as "Stick" Munsey
* Bernard Punsly as "Greaseball" Plunkett
* Frankie Darro as Jack
* David Gorcey as Double Face Gordon
* Turhan Bey as Araka, The Baron's "Spear-point Heavy" (chief henchman)
* John Bleifer as Beal, one of The Baron's henchman
* Eddie Foster as Comora, one of The Baron's henchman
* John Bagni as Augar, one of The Baron's henchman
* Noel Cravat as Monk, one of The Baron's henchman



* David Sharpe doubling Billy Halop
* Tom Steele doubling Turhan Bey
* Ken Terrell

Chapter titles

# Wings Aflame
# The Plunge of Peril
# Hidden Danger
# The Tunnel of Terror
# The Black Dragon Strikes
# Flaming Havoc
# The Death Mist
# Satan Fires the Fuse
# Satanic Sabotage
# Trapped in a Burning 'Chute
# Undeclared War
# Civilian Courage ConquersSource: [cite book
last = Cline
first = William C.
title = In the Nick of Time
origyear = 1984
publisher = McFarland & Company, Inc.
isbn = 078640471X
pages = pp. 223
chapter = Filmography

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