Branches (book)

Branches (book)

"Branches" is a novel-in-verse by American author Mitch Cullin, with illustrations by the Japanese artist Ryuzo Kikushima. It is the second installment of the writer's "Texas Trilogy" that also includes the coming-of-age football novel "Whompyjawed" and the surrealistic novel "Tideland".

In a 2000 interview with the Austin Chronicle, Cullin stated that his first novel Whompyjawed was a more accurate reflection of West Texas while "Branches", he was quoted as saying, "is kind of, maybe to a fault, what other people who haven't really been there might think it's like." [ [ The Austin Chronicle (Nov. 10, 2000)] ]

"Branches" was first published in March 2000 as a hardcover edition from The Permanent Press.


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