Bandelet (computer science)

Bandelet (computer science)

Bandelets are an orthonormal basis that is adapted to geometric boundaries. Bandelets can be interpreted as a warped wavelet basis. The motivation behind bandelets is to perform a transform on functions defined as smooth functions on smoothly bounded domains. As bandelet construction utilizes wavelets, many of the results follow. Similar approaches to take account of geometric structure were taken for contourlets and curvelets.

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*Multiresolution analysis
*Scale space


* Le Pennec, E., and Mallat, S., Sparse Geometric Image Representation with Bandelets, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, vol 14, no. 4, p. 423-438, April 2005. [ PDF]

External links

* [ Bandelet toolbox] on MatLab Central
* Surface Compression With Geometric Bandelets. Gabriel Peyré and Stéphane Mallat, ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 24(3), (Proc. of SIGGRAPH'05), p. 601-608, Jul. 2005. [ PDF]

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