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The It Girl

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The It Girl is a series of novels created by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series is ghostwritten from the original idea by von Ziegesar. [] The series, aimed toward young adults, is a spin-off from the bestselling "Gossip Girl" series.

Jenny Humphrey is the main character in this spin-off of the popular "Gossip Girl" Series. During her freshman year at Constance Billard School for Girls, an exclusive private school in New York City, she dangered herself by ruining the school's reputation, so consequently she is sent off to Waverly Prep boarding school. Waverly Prep is also an exclusive private school, and her mission is to do whatever, whenever; anything it takes, to become "It Girl", hence the title of the series.

Like the Gossip Girl series, there is a break between every chapter with a "narrative" from less prominent characters. In this series, the characters use email and instant messaging to gossip and spread rumors about the primary characters, Jenny, Tinsley, Callie and Brett.

Main Characters

Jenny Humphrey

A former freshman at Constance Billard and the main character of the series, Jenny arrives at the elite campus of Waverly Academy eager to make an impression as ' Jennifer more sophisticated than her old self. Her otherwise innocent appearance - short and curly-haired with big brown eyes - is somewhat marred with her double-D breasts. Unfortunately, due to a fib-filled conversation she has with a boy on the train to Waverly, rumors start flying about her before she even sets foot on campus. That, coupled with her breasts, makes her an immediate object of attention among the students at Waverly. Jenny finds herself, much to her delight, rooming with two of Waverly's elite - Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt. However, Jenny is unaware that tension exists between her two roomies on account of an incident that took place the previous school year, in which their former roommate Tinsley Carmichael was expelled because of an incident the previous year in which Callie, Brett, and Tinsley were trying Ecstasy; after getting caught and reporting to the dean only Tinsley was expelled - Brett and Callie each think the other manipulated the situation in order to get Tinsley in trouble.

During an illicit welcome-back party on her first night, Jenny winds up making out with Heath Ferro. Nothing more happens, although this only serves to fuel the rumors about Jenny's purported wildness. Later, when Callie sneaks her boyfriend Easy Walsh into the girls' shared dorm room, a mishap on Easy's part causes her to leave the room momentarily - leaving Jenny alone with Easy. The two of them are caught together by the husband of the dorm adviser. Callie encourages Jenny to keep hanging out with Easy in order to make their getting caught together look like less of an accident. Jenny is uncertain as to whether or not to comply, but Callie reasons that Jenny would get into less trouble than Callie would have if she had been the one to get caught. However, Jenny finds herself attracted to Easy, and vice versa. In "Notorious", Easy breaks up with Callie and begins to secretly date Jenny - a fact that is exposed by Tinsley, and which causes Callie to hate Jenny. Unfortunately, after an off-campus party in the Boston Ritz goes awry when the dean of the school winds up at the same hotel, and the girls are split up and Jenny is forced to room alone with Callie.

Things start cooling off between Easy and Jenny in "Reckless", as Easy gets more and more confused regarding his feelings for both Callie and Jenny. Jenny winds up breaking up with him at the beginning of "Unforgettable". However, her sadness at their breakup is shortlived when she finds herself attracted to Julian McCafferty, and she and Callie mend their friendship, each vowing to forsake Easy. The two kiss during an off-campus Cinephiles party, and are seen by Tinsley Carmichael, whom Julian - unbeknownst to Jenny - had been fooling around with before he started hanging out with Jenny. Angry, Tinsley flicks on a lighter that Julian gave her and flings it away from her, not bothering to see where it lands. Prior to the kiss, Jenny sees Callie and Easy together in the barn. When the barn burns down later on during the party, she confronts Callie about her broken promise, and Callie accuses Jenny of having burnt the barn out of jealousy. Callie informs Tinsley of her theory and Tinsley, eager to cover her own tracks, agrees that it must be true.

In "Lucky", Jenny ends up on a list of people suspected of having burned down the barn. During a 'Usual Suspects' party organized by Heath, Jenny finds out that Julian and Tinsley used to fool around. The following day, the group of students suspected are told that they will be quarantined together to work out amongst themselves who the perp is. Tinsley proceeds to assign the blame to Jenny, and when nobody comes to her defense, Jenny confesses to starting the fire just to get away from everyone. She is promptly expelled from Waverly, but her expulsion is retracted when the owner of the barn insists that the fire was started by one of her cows. However, it soon comes to light that someone paid off the owner to say so.

During "Tempted", Jenny is still wondering who could have paid off the owner of the barn - a secret admirer, perhaps? In any case, she is now right at the heart of Waverly's elite, a social position that she always aspired to reach. During the Monster Mash Ball, Jenny is approached by a mysterious boy dressed as Zorro - who later reveals himself to be Drew Gately, a senior. Jenny starts hanging out with Drew, wondering the whole while if Drew could be her saviour. She still refuses to talk to Callie, knowing that Callie helped Tinsley set her up to take the blame for the fire, and isn't worried when Callie disappears for a few days. She brushes off advice from Tinsley, who claims that Drew can't be trusted. When Jenny asks Drew directly if he helped her by paying the owner of the barn, Drew admits to having done so. Moments later, though, Jenny discovers that it was actually Callie who saved her. She promptly breaks up with Drew, and embarks on a rescue mission to save Callie - with Tinsley Carmichael, of all people.

Callie Vernon

With strawberry-blond hair and warm hazel eyes, Callie's all-preppy look suits her position as daughter of the governor of Georgia. Before the start of the series, Callie used to date Brandon Buchanan, before she broke up with him for Easy Walsh. Callie also used to be best friends with her roommates Brett Messerschmidt and Tinsley Carmichael. The three of them, though, were caught on ecstasy during the previous school year, but Tinsley was the only one who got expelled. Thus, Callie's and Brett's friendship is uneasy, each suspecting the other of having ratted out their best friend. Callie's relationship with Easy is also going sour, although Callie is desperate to salvage it. She was nearly caught having sex with Easy in their dorm, but left the room moments before her dorm adviser came in, so her new roommate Jenny Humphrey and Easy got in trouble instead.

Anxious to not get expelled, Callie bribes Jenny into hanging out with Easy more often to make their getting caught look like less of an accident. She rationalizes by saying that Jenny would get into less trouble than Callie would if Callie had been the one to get caught. However, Easy and Jenny begin to fall for each other, and Easy breaks up with Callie. Heartbroken and even more furious when she and Jenny are forced to room "alone" together, Callie turns on Jenny and Brett, for taking Jenny's side, and instead starts hanging out with newly-returned Tinsley. However, when Jenny and Easy's relationship starts to falter, Callie winds up kissing Easy during a party. The fact that Easy took Callie, and not Jenny, for dinner with his father during Waverly Trustee Weekend is also exposed during a drinking game at the same party - by Tinsley, no less.

Callie and Jenny slowly become friends, promising to forsake Easy for the sake of their friendship. Unfortunately, Callie can't shake off her feelings for Easy, especially when Easy finally professes his love to her. They end up consummating their love during an off-campus Cinephiles party - and everyone present finds out when they are forced to flee, half-clothed, when the barn burns down. An argument ensues between Callie and Jenny regarding Callie's broken promise. Callie quickly goes back to Tinsley, claiming that she is sure that Jenny was the one who burned the barn down. The two plot to expose Jenny as the starter of the fire.

At the beginning of "Lucky", all is well between Callie and Easy, although Callie hides the fact that she is helping Tinsley from Easy. Later on, after Jenny is expelled, Easy discovers an incriminating text message from Tinsley on Callie's phone, and finds out what Callie has done. He proceeds to walk away from her.

In "Tempted", Callie is still pining for Easy, even dressing up as Cinderella for Waverly's Halloween ball in an attempt to win him back. When Easy shows up for the party, however, he is drunk and tells Callie to leave him alone, calling her a spoiled bitch. Heartbroken, Callie accepts her mother's offer to send her to a rejuvenating spa - only to arrive at a strange boot camp in which she is forced to chop trees, among other things. She eventually deduces that her mother believes her to be a drug addict of some kind, because she requested a large check from her mother in order to pay off the owner of the Miller farm so that Jenny wouldn't get expelled - without telling her mother what the money was for. Trapped and unable to leave, Callie manages to send an SOS to Tinsley, begging for help. That night, she is sent into the snowy woods next to the camp, and is about to freeze to death when Easy shows up to save her. He reveals that Jenny contacted him and told him about the SOS and the fact that Callie saved Jenny from expulsion.

Brett Messerschmidt

Smart, driven and an all-rounder aiming to get into Brown, Brett is also one of Waverly's elite. She stands out from her aristocratic classmates due to her jaded appearance; her hair is dyed red and she habitually wears seven gold earrings in one of her ears. She loves Dorothy Parker and often quotes the author to herself. Brett claims to have lost her virginity and that her parents are doctors who run an organic farm in East Hampton, but the truth is that she is a virgin, and her parents are nouveau riche - tackily so. The only person who was aware the truth was Brett's former roommate and best friend Tinsley Carmichael. Things with her other best friend, Callie Vernon, are also rocky, due to Brett's suspicion that Callie ratted Tinsley out.

At the beginning of the series, Brett is dating Jeremiah Mortimer, the star quarterback of Waverly's rival, St. Lucius, who is unaware of Brett's virginity. However, her relationship with him quickly takes a back seat when she finds herself attracted to Eric Dalton, a new young teacher and the new head of Waverly's Disciplinary Committee, which Brett is also a part of. Brett quickly embarks on an exciting, illicit love affair with Eric, dumping Jeremiah somewhat heartlessly in the process. Jenny, however, finds out, and so does Callie when she answers a cell phone call from Brett's sister. Callie drunkenly spills the beans, but the gossip that ensues is relatively low-key.

In "Notorious", when Tinsley returns to Waverly, she learns about Brett's affair soon enough and plots to steal Eric from her. Eric responds to Tinsley's advances and promptly puts a halt to his relationship with Brett. Heartbroken and furious - but unaware that this was Tinsley's doing - Brett retreats. However, Easy Walsh informs her about what Tinsley did. Brett and Easy quickly form a plan to accuse Eric of trying to deal marijuana, which Brett reports to the Dean of Waverly. Eric is fired, and Brett and Tinsley have falling-out, in which Tinsley and Callie take sides against Brett and Jenny Humphrey. Later on, Brett gets back together with Jeremiah. Much to her dismay, she is also forced to room with Tinsley after a Tinsley-organized party in the Boston Ritz goes awry.

In "Reckless", just as Brett is about to sleep with Jeremiah, she confesses to him that she is a virgin. They are interrupted by Brandon Buchanan and Elizabeth, a girl from St. Lucius. During a game of I Never, Brett finds out the truth - that when she broke up with Jeremiah, he slept with Elizabeth. Brett breaks up with Jeremiah.

In "Unforgettable", she forms a society called the Women of Waverly, or WoW for short with her friend Kara Whalen. When discussing the topic of sex at one of the meetings, Brett kisses Kara in an attempt to show the members that kissing is not a lead-on to sex. She finds herself attracted to Kara and the two begin a secret relationship with the later help of Heath Ferro and Jenny. Callie finds out too, and drunkenly tells everyone during an off-campus Cinephiles party.

In "Lucky", during the Us Party, Usual Suspects, Brett finds Kara Whalen making out with Heath Ferro. At first she's mad, but when Kara and Heath explain that they have feelings for each other, she realizes that she is still in love with Jeremiah Mortimer.

In "Tempted" Brett gets back together with her on and off again boyfriend "Jeremiah Mortimer", everything is going pretty well except for the fact that Jeremiah is having a hard time believing that nothing happened between Brett and Kara(the girl Brett had a relationship with in Unforgettable and Lucky). Jeremiah is invited to a "BoW"(Boys of Waverly, included are Heath, Brandon, Easy, Teague, Alan, Lon, Ryan, and Jeremiah)meeting where he decides to take Brett with him. When Brett and Jeremiah get there Heath decides to show the guys pictures of Kara and Brett kissing at the "Women's of Waverly) meeting, Jeremiah then tells Brett that he can not believe anything she says now and that there relationship is really and truly over this time.

Tinsley Carmichael

The leader of Waverly's elite, Tinsley makes a dramatic return in "Notorious", after getting unceremoniously kicked out at the end of her sophomore year for getting caught taking ecstasy with Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt. It is revealed that Tinsley was the only one who got expelled because she was the only one who confessed taking drugs; Brett and Callie both denied it. She was accepted back into Waverly when the school authorities learned that she spent her summer in Africa, producing a documentary with her father. Described as having long-purpley black hair and wild violet eyes, Tinsley is said to be the hottest girl in all of Waverly. However, not everyone realises that she is also one of the most devious and cunning. Eric Dalton the only one who knows Brett's secret squeeze on her life. She then finds out that Brett, with Easy's help, gets Eric fired.

When Callie is dumped by Easy Walsh, Tinsley proves to be surprisingly tender in caring for her friend. Tinsley, the same girl who had, rumor has it, hooked up with Easy one day. Tinsley then forms a group that is dubbed 'Cafe Society', comprising only the most elite girls at Waverly. Before allowing Jenny to join, she asks if there is anything between Jenny and Easy. Anxious to join, Jenny denies it, and is promptly granted membership. Later on, when Tinsley and Eric go up to New York together, Tinsley sees Easy and Jenny together and breaks the news to Callie. When Brett finds out and gets Eric fired, Tinsley kicks both Brett and Jenny out of Cafe Society. She then finds herself rooming with Brett as punishment for hosting an off-campus Cafe Society party in the Boston Ritz.

During "Reckless", in an attempt to distract people from her unmasked virginity - Tinsley has always claimed to have slept with several guys - Tinsley exposes Easy and Callie's dinner with Easy's father during a game of 'I Never', turning both Callie and Easy against her. Later on, Tinsley finds herself attracted to Julian McCafferty, a freshman boy who hangs out with the male upperclassmen in her circle. Unwilling to openly admit that she is fooling around with a freshman, Tinsley keeps their relationship a secret. However, Tinsley is more fond of Julian than she will admit. She is therefore outraged and hurt when she discovers Julian kissing Jenny during an off-campus Cinephiles party. In her rage, she flicks on Julian's lighter and throws it away, and is therefore to blame for the fire that ensues. No one else is aware of the fact.

At the end of "Unforgettable", Callie mends her friendship with Tinsley and the two evil girls plot to expose Jenny and Julian as the ones who started the fire because they are jealous of Jenny because Tinsley is jealous of the fact that Julian is more fond of Jenny than her, the "fabulous" Tinsley Carmichael.

Heath Ferro

Heath is known as the 'Pony', on account of the fact that he 'gets more ass than a pony at a county fair'. One of the hottest - and horniest - boys at Waverly, Heath gets whatever he wants, from grades he doesn't work for to girls he doesn't deserve. Thanks to his parents' generous contributions to the school, Heath can pretty much do what he likes without so much as a warning. He is excited by Jenny Humphrey's arrival due to the rumors flying around Waverly when she first arrives, thinking that she is a stripper and a slut. On her first night there, he drunkenly makes out with her at a party. Nothing more happens, but this fuels the rumors of Jenny's sluttiness. Heath is an avid gossip and constantly refers to Jenny by using insulting boob-related nicknames - when Jenny isn't around, at least. He also has a huge crush on Tinsley Carmichael, although nothing has ever happened between the two of them.

Heath is also a huge comic-book fan. In "Reckless", Heath attempts to impress Kara Whalen, attracted by her beauty and similar interest in comic books. To his disappointment, Kara refuses to have anything to do with him, claiming that he made her life miserable during freshman year. Refusing to back off, though, Heath continues to pursue Kara, even worming his way into Brett's Women of Waverly club to do so. He finds out about Kara and Brett Messerschmidt's relationship and is surprisingly supportive. He keeps their secret and the three of them quickly become close friends, much to the surprise of their classmates - at least until Brett's secret is leaked by Callie. In ¨Lucky¨, Heath is found with Kara by Brett, kissing during the US (Usual Suspect) goodbye party. He eventually confesses that he likes Kara too much to even care about other things. In tempted Heath and Kara are officially going out but when Kara finds out that Heath leaked a secret about Brandon sleeping with Blankie till he was in middle school she dumps him saying that it reminded her to much of freshmen year when he picked on her and that she thinks he is not boyfriend material and that they were meant to be friends.

Easy Walsh

Artsy and mysterious, Easy pretty much stole Callie Vernon from her then-boyfriend Brandon Buchanan at a party during their sophomore year, causing Brandon to hate him because of it. At the beginning of the series, Easy's feelings for Callie are cooling off, replaced by newfound feelings for Jenny Humphrey. At one point during the beginning of the year, Callie and Easy are about to sleep together when Easy accidentally topples Callie's nightstand, making an awful amount of noise. Callie leaves the room in disgust and Easy climbs into bed with Jenny, although nothing happens. The two of them are caught, and Callie persuades Easy to flirt with Jenny in order to make his supposed relationship with Jenny look authentic - all so that Jenny can take the fall. Easy finds himself drawn to Jenny and eventually dumps Callie for Jenny. Their relationship is exposed by Tinsley Carmichael when Tinsley sees the two in New York together.

However, things between Easy and Jenny start to cool off and Easy finds himself drawn once more to Callie. During Waverly's Trustee Weekend, Easy brings Callie to dinner with his father without telling Jenny, reasoning that Jenny might not be able to handle his hard-ass father the way Callie can. During dinner, Easy listens to Callie talk and joke around with his father and his old feelings come rushing back - more so when Callie defends Easy when his father lectures him about his art. Later on, during a dorm party, Easy kisses Callie. Unfortunately, their dinner date is exposed by Tinsley, causing Jenny and Easy to break up later on. Easy then confesses to Callie that he loves her, and the two of them end up consummating their love in a barn during an off-campus Cinephiles party. Everyone finds out when the barn burns down and the two of them are forced to flee half-clothed. When rumors start flying around that Easy and Callie may have set the barn alight due to their smoking habits, Easy worries that the two of them may be blamed.

In "Lucky", Easy begins to become suspicious that Callie and Tinsley are trying to pin the fire on Jenny. Easy discusses the issue with Brandon Buchanan who speaks against it. Despite Brandon's opinion, Easy's suspicion deepens. After confronting Callie, he finds out that she was scheming with Tinsley and angrily walks away.

In "Tempted ", Easy is still mad at Callie for what she did to Jenny and calls her a spoiled bitch, causing Callie to go to a rehab facility in Maine. In the end, Easy ends up saving her from death and the two end up together again.

Brandon Buchanan

Very good-looking and a little "too" well-maintained, Brandon is something of a metrosexual. Despite being dumped by Callie Vernon for Easy Walsh, he remains hopelessly in love with Callie, hoping to win her back someday. Conversely, he has nothing but hate for Easy. When Jenny Humphrey first arrives at Waverly, he is attracted to her, but is quickly disappointed when she first makes out with his horny roommate Heath Ferro, and later confesses to Brandon that she likes Easy. Nevertheless, Brandon remains a good friend to Jenny in spite of his perception that she has exceedingly poor taste in guys.

When Callie and Easy break up, Callie kisses Brandon in an attempt to make Easy jealous, kindling Brandon's hopes that he may be able to get Callie back after all. His hopes are dashed during an off-campus party at the Boston Ritz, where Callie disses him in front of everyone present. During "Reckless", he falls for Elizabeth, a spunky girl from St. Lucius. Their relationship is a little less secure than Brandon would like, though, and he is somewhat daunted by Elizabeth's free-spirited ways. During an off-campus Cinephiles party, they have an argument regarding Elizabeth's many friendships with other guys, and the future looks uncertain for them as a couple.

He hooks up with Sage Francis in Lucky.

Julian McCafferty

Tall, blond, and with a penchant for wearing funky T-shirts, Julian is somewhat of a mystery to the other Waverly students. Despite being a freshman, he hangs out with the junior-year boys in his dorm, usually Heath Ferro and Brandon Buchanan. He doesn't talk about himself much. In "Reckless", he hooks up with Tinsley Carmichael, but Tinsley insists that they keep their relationship a secret. Julian complies, but in "Unforgettable" he finds himself attracted to Jenny Humphrey, whom he often bumps into when hanging around Tinsley's dorm.

When Jenny asks Julian to be her model for an art project, Julian agrees and the time they spend together intensifies their attraction to one another. Meanwhile, Tinsley remains unaware of Julian's affection for Jenny, assuming that he is simply playing hard-to-get. This heightens her attraction to him, but she is rudely brought back to reality when she discovers Jenny kissing Julian at an off-campus Cinephiles party. She flicks on Julian's lighter and flings it away from her, and later plots to expose Julian and Jenny as the starters of the fire.

Kara Whalen

A quiet, sweet, and large eyed girl who is introduced in the third book of the series, Reckless. She was teased by Heath Ferro for being fat last year and had been so depressed she had to stop school for a while. Now she's come back as a more slender, curvy girl who has gorgeous eyes and is taken in by Waverly's elite. When she was first introduced as the girl in black who always takes baths at midnight, Tinsley attempts to hide some kegs under Kara's bed. She gets Brett's attention by standing up to Tinsley. She's also into Marvel comic books like Heath Ferro. Heath hit on her before realizing who she was and even after she flings a cup of warm beer in his face, despite that, he's still into her.

After Kara and Brett share a kiss in the Women of Waverly (WoW) reunion, she starts to think she's a lesbian. She and Brett hook up for a while, and things stopped working between them because of the fact of calling themselves a couple, or girlfriends. Brett and Kara break up when Brett finds Kara kissing Heath in the US goodbye Party. She then starts to develop feelings for Heath.

econdary Characters

Eric Dalton

One of the famous "Daltons", Eric flirts with Brett Messerschmidt and then carries on an affair with her. In "Notorious", he ditches Brett for the next hot thing, Tinsley Carmicheal. When Brett exposes the affair to the public of Waverly, Eric Dalton is dismissed, and Tinsley is once again the "talk of the town"

Jeremiah Mortimer

He was Brett's boyfriend in the beginning of the school year but as time flew by, he was dumped by Brett over a voice mail after discovering Brett was into Eric Dalton. His heart was crushed but rescued by a St. Lucius classmate of his, Elizabeth, who had lost her virginty with Jeremiah. His secret was exposed in a game of "I Never", and told Brett that it was her fault this happened. Jeremiah sent Brett text messages and e-mails to her saying he and her should talk but, Brett ignored them. He returns in the 5th volume in "Lucky" with a message saying if she was alright in the barn fire and to see if a certain rumor was true. He soon found the hurtful truth: not only Brett was seeing someone else but, Kara who was called "Girlfriend" by Benny with Lon, but she was a lesbian now. But what he doesn't know, is that Brett truly loves him after breaking up with Kara and being friends.

Dean Marymount

Dean Marymount is the Dean of Waverly who is a stickler for rules. He is also Chloe's uncle. Chloe Marymount comes into the series in "Lucky," as a prospective student to attend Waverly the following year and spy for Tinsley Charmichael & Callie Vernon.

Alison Quentin

One of Waverly's elite, though minor. With glossy black hair and a talent for art. Friends with everyone, though she is one of the first girls to befriend Jenny. Is dating Alan St. Girad.

Alan St. Girard

The roommate of Easy Walsh. Notorious for smoking pot, and always being baked, and never shaving his beard. He and Easy spend their times together playing on his Xbox in their dorm room while he secretly 'studies' with Alison Quentin.

Benny Cunningham

A horsey looking girl, with brown hair and brown eyes, Benny is a friend of Tinsley, Callie, and Brett. She is also Sage's best friend.But is crushed when she finds out that Sage is warming up to snobby Emily Jenkins. Stands to make millions on her inheritance. Despite her reputation as being a prude, it is discovered that she lost her virginity to a senior her parents set her up with and thinks of herself as a born-again virgin. She's into Lon Baruzza.

age Francis

The best friend of Benny, and friend of Alison's and of course, Jenny, Tinsley, Callie, and Brett. She has pretty blond hair. She secretly has a crush on Brandon and word gets out from Chloe, Dean Marymount's niece, who tells Brandon that Sage has a thing for him.

Yvonne Stidder

A saxophone player, an ambitious and ignored student, and member of the Jazz Band, Yvonne is the first girl Jenny meets at Waverly. At the lock down party in Dumbarton, she wears Tinsley's dress. In the game of I Never, she says that she's never had sex before, which starts most of the drama.

Chloe Marymount

A pre-frosh or what Waverly guys call, "Fresh Meat", is actually Dean Marymount's niece that Tinsley found out by a photograph in the Dean's office. She was manipulated by Tinsley without knowing it and was told to spy on Jenny to get dirt on her in order to kick her out of Waverly for good, thinking that she will become an 'it girl' and Tinsley's friend upon her arrival at Waverly.


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