ADP is a three-letter acronym that may refer to:

Organizations and companies

* Aeropuertos del Perú, airport operator for airports in northern Peru. [es Aeropuertos del Peru, [ Aeropuertos del Perú] , Retrieved February 16, 2008]
* "Aéroports de Paris", airport authority for the Parisian region in France.
* Alpha Delta Phi (ΑΔΦ), a fraternal organization on college campuses.
* Alpha Delta Pi (ΑΔΠ), a sorority organization on college campuses.
* American Democracy Project, a project of the AASCU to promote understanding of civic engagement among college students.
* American Democracy Project, a 527 group in Florida.
* Arab Democratic Party, two unrelated parties in Israel and Lebanon.
* Assistive Device Program.(Canada)
* Associated Danish Ports.
* Associated Dental Practices, dental practices in the UK
* Association for the Development of Pakistan, a Boston-based non-profit organization.
* Automatic Data Processing
* Azerbaijan Democratic Party.


* Accelerated Development Platform, a platform for agile software development
* Access database project, a file format of the Microsoft Access database program.
* Adaptive Dynamic Programming, a learning algorithm for reinforcement learning
* Astanda Directory Project, a search engine and web crawler software written in PHP with MySQL database support.
* AOLserver Dynamic Pages, web server extensions designed to return dynamically created documents based on the Tcl computer programming language used by AOLserver.
* Automatic data processing online payroll software
* Accidental damage protection, a contractual construct for the repair of equipment damage, not normally covered under a warranty, such as using a device beyond its intended purpose and other "accidental damage" (usually pertains just to hardware).


* "Advanced Defensive Pistol", a semi-automatic pistol designed in the 1980s by South African engineer Alex Du Plessis and since produced in South Africa by ASERMA, REU-Tech, Truvelo Armoury, and currently in the United States by Wilson Combat LLC, plus license-manufactured in the past by Tanfoglio in Italy.
* Andorran peseta, a former currency of Andorra that was pegged 1:1 to the Spanish peseta.
* Anuradhapura Airport, an airport in Sri Lanka.
* Area development project
* Adenosine diphosphate, an important part of photosynthesis and Glycolysis.
* Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, an optical crystal.
* Actual deferral percentage, a 401(k) test for highly compensated employees.
* Anti Depressant Pill, a medication taken to alleviate clinical depression or Dysthymia(a type of low-level depression that has lasted for at least two years without any substantial remission.).
* Annual Development Programme of the Government of Bangladesh


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