Beach tennis

Beach tennis

Beach Tennis USA takes the fun and fast-paced sport of tennis and combines it with the sun, sea and sand of the beach.


Beach Tennis USA

In 2005 it was registered in New York City by Marc Altheim, who on a trip to Aruba two years earlier discovered the sport, which has been played there since 2000, introduced by a Dutchman. In 2007 beach tennis, via Beach Tennis USA (BT USA), has made great progress in its goal toward making beach tennis a semi-mainstream sport in the USA and beyond. In 2007, BT USA signed two television deals: one with SNY in NYC and one with the Tennis Channel. The networks agreed to televise three major tournaments sanctioned by BT USA and the National Beach Tennis Association. The Miami BT USA open featured 40 teams, including several formerly highly ranked pro tennis players including Jay Berger and Pablo Arraya. In 2007, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf played the sport and thoroughly enjoyed it.Fact|date=February 2008

Beach tennis merges the worlds of tennis and beach volleyball into one exciting sport. Since Beach Tennis was launched in the U.S. as a recreational and professional sport and because it is so simple to play, it appeals to athletes and non-athletes of all ages.

As the name implies, it is a combination of tennis with beach volleyball. It is played on a standard beach volleyball court (The court is 30 feet wide by 60 feet long. There is a center line that splits the court lengthwise.) with the net set at 5 feet, 10 inches high. A standard tennis racquet and a slightly depressurized tennis ball (6 lbs instead of 12 lbs) are used to keep the action at a fast pace.

Each Beach Tennis USA event is different depending upon the number of entries, number of courts available and time available. Typically, the preliminary rounds are round-robin, or pool-play. This means that if you are in a pool of four, you would play all the other teams in your pool (3 matches). Top 1 or 2 teams from each pool advance to the elimination rounds (single-elimination). You can count on playing at least 3 matches. It is always played in doubles format.

Scoring is 15 - 30 - 40 and no-ad at deuce. At deuce, the receiving team chooses which player will receive the serve. Only one hit per side, as in tennis and badminton. Unlike volleyball, there is no setting up your partner for the kill. One serve only … off the net counts, as in beach volleyball... no faults or lets. Serves must go cross-court. Touching the net in any way or breaking the plane of the net – that is, reaching over the net with your racquet, even on the follow through – will result in a loss of the point. Each match consists of one eight-game pro set. The match must be won by two games (e.g. 9-7). If the match score is tied at 8-8, a 12-point tennis tiebreaker (first team to 7 points wins) will be played to determine the winner. Remember, the Number One rule in beach tennis is to have fun!

Beach tennis was one of the attractions at the Family Circle Cup, in Charleston, South Carolina, played on April 2007. Beach Tennis USA will organize there its first professional tournament.

The Beach Tennis USA 2008 tour will commence in Key Biscayne, Florida on the grounds of the Sony Ericcson Open. The 2008 season will be nationwide, and a network of events under the BT USA banner will help foster the growth of the sport.

In 2008 the exposure to the sport of beach tennis has greatly increased, due in large to new broadcast agreements with Fox Sports Net (FSN) in California and Florida (total TV distribution 60 million homes), and from coverage on high-profile TV shows like NBC's Today Show.

Beach tennis with paddle racquet

In other nations beach tennis is the same sport called "beach paddle tennis" or "beach paddleball" in USA and some nations; this sport is called matkot in Israel and "Racchettoni" in Italy. The beach paddle tennis is played with a racquet also called "paddle" similar to paddle racquet of paddle tennis. It was first played on the coast of Romagna near Ravenna and Rimini in 1978. Later, in 1996, it was regulated by Italian Gianni Bellettini, president of International Federation Beach Tennis-IFBT.

In Italy the official federation is [ F.I.T] (Italian Tennis Federation) which is the only federation recognized by [ ITF] .

Beach tennis with paddle racquet rules

The present general regulation is made by the International Federation Beach Tennis-IFBT to provide rules for competition.

Rule 1. Court Area

The playing area must be 16m lengths and 8m width, at right angles. (Beach Volleyball) The playing area is divided into 2 parts by a net. The net stands at 1.70m at the middle for the outdoor game. Singles court area is 5 metres by 8 metres per side. The line is a part of the court. Any part of the body touching the line whilst serving is a foot-fault.

Rule 2. The Ball

The ball is similar to the one used in court tennis, but of specialised low compression.

Rule 3. Server and Returnee

Players must be opposite each other: the player who starts the point is deemed the server and the other, the returnee. When playing Mixed Doubles, male servers must serve under hand.

Rule 4. Toss

The side or right of serve is determined prior to the game start. The player who wins the toss, may serve, receive or nominate the opponent chose. Each new server is allowed a practice serve, but must notify his or her opponent.

Rule 5. The Serve

Must be done outside the court area, and should the server infringe, loss of point is the result. Only one serve per attempt. This can be done overhand or underhand.

Rule 6. Service Fault

A fault occurs if the server misses whilst attempting to hit or the ball hit a furnishing or fixture i.e. Net post. If the server invades the court prior to contact, a fault is also the result.

Rule 7. When Serving

If a ball makes contact with the net, it is a "live" ball. Matches can be played without a referee.”

Rule 8. Service Order

The service is the same as lawn tennis, with a player serving out the duration of the game; the serve will alternate, following a pre-established order of serve. E.g.: especially in Doubles.

Rule 9. Change of Ends

Will occur when the score is at odd number of games or at the end of a set.

Rule 10. How to determine points.

A ball is sent outside the playing area after contact. If a player does something to distract the opposition players on purpose, whilst they are attempting a shot. (Gamesmanship)The reply is effective, should the ball hit the net and land in the opposite playing area. It is not possible to reply whilst invading the opponent’s court. The game is Aerial; the ball is always played on the volley! Game Score is the same as Lawn Tennis. No Advantage, sudden death at deuce!

Rule 11. Official Decisions

In a match where a referee is present, his/her decisions are definitive. A ball CANNOT contact court fixtures, namely the post and rebound into court. (This rule is the same as beach volleyball, and is unlike tennis)

Rule 12. Duration of Match

Can be varied, depending on program, but competition play will be a 7 up set, Tiebreak at 6 all. E.g.: 7/6 wins set. E.g. If you play up to 6, tiebreak at 5-5. Players change ends after 4 points in Tiebreak, TB played as per tennis to 7 points. Doubles can be played to 9 games, tiebreak at 8-8, as in World Championships.

Rule 13. Racquets

Only Authorised equipment by the AFBT/IFBT can be used to competition or tournament play. Racquets must adhere to the regulation lengths and widths. Paddle Racquets are not permitted for competition and tournament play however can be used in demonstration and come try purposes.

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