Puerto Rico (disambiguation)

Puerto Rico (disambiguation)

Puerto Rico may refer to:

*Puerto Rico, the United States unincorporated territory in the Caribbean
**The original name for San Juan, Puerto Rico, its capital and largest city
*Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, a town in the Canary Islands

*Puerto Rico, Misiones, a city in Argentina

*Puerto Rico, Pando, a city in Bolivia

*Puerto Rico, Caquetá a town and municipality in Colombia
*Puerto Rico, Meta a town and municipality in Colombia

*Puerto Rico, Saipan, a village of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands;Other:Things named for the U.S. Puerto Rico include:
*Puerto Rico (game), the German board game
*Puerto Rico Trench, an oceanic trench on the Atlantic side of the Caribbean Islands
*USS Puerto Rico (CB-5), a U.S. Navy ship
*Puerto Rico Avenue (Washington, D.C.)

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