Super-resolution (SR) are techniques that in some way enhance the resolution of an imaging system. There are different views as to what is considered an SR-technique: some consider only techniques that break the diffraction-limit of systems, while others also consider techniques that merely break the limit of the digital imaging sensor as SR.

There are both single-frame and multiple-frame variants of SR, where multiple-frame are the most useful. Algorithms can also be divided by their domain: frequency or space domain. By fusing together several low-resolution (LR) one enhanced-resolution image is formed.

The necessity of aliasing

In the most common SR algorithms, the information that was gained in the SR-image was embedded in the LR images in the form of aliasing. This requires that the capturing sensor in the system is weak enough so that aliasing is actually happening. A diffraction-limited system contains no aliasing, for example, or a system where the total system Modulation Transfer Function is filtering out high-frequency content.

Breaking the diffraction limit

There are also SR techniques that extrapolate the image in the frequency domain, by assuming that the object on the image is an analytic function, and that we can exactly know the function values in some interval. This method is severely limited by the noise that is ever-present in digital imaging systems, but it can work for radar, astronomy or microscopy.

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*optical resolution
*Anti-Lamenessing Engine


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* [ MDSP RESOLUTION ENHANCEMENT SOFTWARE] — An implementation of several algorithms on Color and B&W data sets.
* [ PhotoAcute] — A SR Software implementing superresolution algorithm based on correlating several digital images and optical system-dependent interpolation for Windows, Mac and Linux (under WINE).
* [ QE SuperResolution] — Freeware implementation (only for Windows).
* [ SR GUI in Matlab] — Super-resolution software that includes both geometric and photometric registration (only for Windows).


* [ Video super-resolution using video epitomes] .
* [ Cognitech Video Investigator] — for law enforcement
* [ Salient Stills VideoFOCUS]
* [ Let It Wave] — NTSC/PAL to HDTV upconverter
* [ MotionDSP] — MotionDSP’s software re-constructs a high-resolution video from low-resolution video, enabling mobile phones, webcams, and security cameras to deliver higher-quality video, and enable a viewing experience that is far more satisfying.
* [ MDSP] — a MATLAB package for super resolution reconstruction from video.
* [ What is super-resolution?] – an article with step-by-step example of 4x video upsizing using super resolution approach.

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