Russian School Defense Staff

Russian School Defense Staff

Russian School Defense Staff or Headquarters for the Protection of Russian Schools ( _ru. Штаб защиты русских школ; _lv. Krievu skolu aizstāvības štābs) — movement in Latvia for protection of public secondary education in Russian. Leaders: Gennady Kotov, Yakov Pliner, for some time also Alexander Kazakov (deported out of Latvia in 2004).

=Aims of the movement [ [ Штаб защиты русских школ, официальный сайт ] ] =

Annulation of the provisions set in the Education law of 1998, which ordered the language of instruction in public secondary schools (Forms 10-12) to be only Latvian since 2004 (so-called "reform-2004" or "educational reform"). Providing effective learning of Latvian language in the Latvian language and literature lessons and specific preparation of teachers for Russian schools.


The Staff was founded [ [ "Ракурс" № 1/2003] ] in April 2003 as a coalition of various organizations, most prominent being ForHRUL, and later expanded, involving lots of nonpartisan people. In 2003-2004, the Staff has organized the biggest political demonstrations in Latvia since the beginning of 1990-es [ [ 2005 Country report on Latvia] from Freedom House] (23 May and 4 September, 2003; 1 May and 1 September, 2004).

As a result, the Education law was amended in February 2004, allowing to teach up to 40% in the forms 10-12 in minority languages. The proportion "60L:40R", according to BISS research [ [ Cittautiešu jauniešu integrācija Latvijas sabiedrībā izglītības reformas kontekstā. B. Zepas redakcijā. Baltijas Sociālo zinātņu institūts, 2004 — 79. lpp.] ] , was supported by 20% of the teachers, 15% of pupils and 13% of parents in minority schools. The parliamentary opposition started two cases before the Constitutional Court of Latvia (abjudicated in May and September, 2005) with most of its demands being refused.


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**D. Wilson [ Minority Rights in Education: Lessons for the EU from Estonia, Latvia (..)] , 2002 — p. 36—43
** [ List of the most considerable protests in 2004]
** [ Latvians face new wall: language] (CNN, 2004)
**Excerpts from [ Latvian-language press, May-June 2004] and [ RFE/RL news on Baltic minorities, January-April 2004]
** [ Teachers in crossfire over Latvia's school reform] (Reuters, 2004)
** [ Thousands of Russian speakers protest new school language rules] (AP, 2004)
** [ Latvian lessons irk Russians] (BBC, 2005)
**Judgements of Latvia's Constitutional Court [ regarding the Education Law and international conventions] and [ on private minority schools' rights to get public funding] , 2005
** [ Discussion in the European Parliament] , 2005
** [ Education law] — edition being in force between 27.02.2004. and 15.09.2005.

*"Russian and Latvian"
** [ Staff site] , mostly in Russian
***Staff video clip [ «Black Karlis»] (referring to then-minister for education Kārlis Šadurskis), in Russian
**Basic excerpts from Staff documents, international treaties and links: [ Russian] , [ Latvian]
**Chronicle of Staff actions: [ 2003-2004] , [ 2004-2005] , in Russian
** [ Official position on the reform] , in Latvian
** [ Education law] , in Latvian — current version

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