BloodRayne 2

BloodRayne 2

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caption =
developer = Terminal Reality
publisher = Majesco, THQ (Europe)
designer =
engine = Infernal Engine (Proprietary) with Open Dynamics Physics
released = October 12, 2004 (Playstation 2, Xbox)
August 2, 2005 (PC)
genre = Hack and slash, Action
modes = Single player
ratings = ESRB: Mature (M), BBFC: 15
platforms = PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC
media =
requirements =
input =

"BloodRayne 2", developed by Terminal Reality, is a horror-themed third-person action video game. It does not follow on directly from where BloodRayne finished; instead, it takes place 60 and 70 years later [During gameplay, Rayne mentions trying to find her father for 70 years.] , in a contemporary (2000s) setting.


In the FMV, Rayne is first seen staring at a place on fire. The next scene happens before the fire. Rayne is seen entering a library (called Blood library), with a few Nazis inside. Knowing Kagan is here (who is an influential Nazi collaborator) [ BloodRayne 2 ] ] , she declares she is here to kill him. Kagan notices she is here, but is not moved by her presence. He knows it is his offspring (but does not know her name), but says she smells "tainted", asking who was her mother. He does not know her mothers name, saying he is "terrible with names", but does not care, knowing she died with her family. He appears pre-occupied, looking for something. He finds what he was looking for, called the "Vesper Shard". Knowing Rayne still wants to kill him, he then brings Professor Trumain up from the floor, severely beaten, showing his own small intestine around his neck. Kagan knows that they know each other, and that Trumain "stole" yet another offspring from him. During his talk, he speculates that the Brimstone Society knew the Vesper Shard's powers, and was eventually going to kill their Vampire allies such as Rayne. Trumain then pulls out a detonator, first giving time for Rayne to run, then detonates the grenade.

Denied the pleasure of killing him herself, Rayne spent the last 60 years after the War seeking out and destroying Kagan's offspring . These offspring, Rayne's half-siblings, have banded together to form a group called the Cult of Kagan . The Cult has created "The Shroud", a substance that can render sun rays harmless to vampires, allowing them to surface at all times of the day, and twists nature into a nightmarish perversion (Trees dying almost instantly, grass catching on fire, corpses twitching). Using "The Shroud", the Cult has pledged to create a new era of vampiric supremacy, continuing Kagan's legacy.

Developer Note: The Shroud was called the "Taint" for the longest time, before the marketing department became aware of another meaning of the word, and asked it to be changed.

Main Characters

*Rayne The main character, Rayne is now hunting her own vampire father.
*Severin: Rayne's sidekick from Brimstone Society.
*Ferril: Rayne's half-sister.
*Ephemera: Rayne's half-sister.
*Kagan: A Vampire Lord, and Rayne's evil father.


*IGN: PC version: 6.8 Xbox version: 8 PS2 version: 8

*Gamedaily: Xbox version: 7 PS2 version: N/A PC version: 6

*Gamespot: PS2 and Xbox version: 7.3 PC version: 6

*Gamespy: PC version: N/A Xbox and PS2: 3.5/5

*Gamepro: PC:3.2/5 Xbox:3.2 PS2: 3.2

*X-Play gave it a 3/5.

Voice Cast

* Rayne: Laura Bailey
* Severin, Kagan : Troy Baker
* Zerenski, minions: Dameon Clarke
* Ephemera, minions: Scarlett McAlister, Josh Martin
* Xerx: R. Bruce Elliott
* Ferril: Liza Gonzales
* Slezz, newscaster minions: Christopher Sabat
* Kagan elite: Brice Armstrong
* Female Dhampir, minions: Melodee Lenz
* Kestrals: Wendy Powell, Lauri Steele
* Minions: Colleen Clinkenbeard, Justin Cook, Chuck Huber, Mark Orvik


* Developer Producer: Raymond Holmes
* Publisher Producer: Howard Perlman
* Original Music by: Kyle Richards

* Sound Editor: Rawly Pickens
* Sound director: Kyle Richards
* Sound effects: Kyle Richards
* CG artist: cinematics: Willi Hammes
* Prodection coordinator: Cinematics: Mandy Sekelsky
* Producer: cinematics: Al Shier
* Publicist: Laura Heeb
* Dialogue coach: Christopher Sabat

Bloodrayne 3

According to the ending of the game, there should be a third title to be released in the future.

At the end of the game when Rayne defeats Kagan, Rayne and Severin stand towards the window in the same room where Kagan is defeated, and start talking about the future. Believing that Brimstone Society is destroyed, Severin explains that even though Kagan is dead, there are others out there who will try to finish what he started. Rayne then explains how they should start finding these people and ending the vampiric invasion and destroying 'The Shroud'. Since Brimstone is no longer behind them, Rayne and Severin decide they need to make a team of their own.

After the credits roll, an extra scene is shown revealing that Brimstone still exist. The scene shows hooded men sitting in a dimly lit room around an oval shaped table. The man at the head of the table opens a folder that has pictures of Rayne. The scene ends with the camera zooming towards the window behind the man at the head of the table showing 'The Shroud' still exist and that post-apocalyptic city.

Following the previous scene, another one is shown where a little boy is running in an underground sewer passage from some flying demons (as shown when 'The Shroud' was released cut scene). The boy falls and the demons are about to attack him when suddenly a metal boot steps on him and holds him in place. He looks up and a full armored person tells him to stay down. The man is carrying a chaingun and fires at the demons killing them all. The boy which had his ears covered, uncovers them and looks up again. The man pulls off his mask and smiles at the boy. The man helps the boy up and starts to walk towards the direction he came from. The boy follows him. They walk towards a wall that opens to be an armored door. The man says 'Come on' to the boy. The boy, amazed, follows him into what seems like a small population of humans building an underground hideout from the demons. The last thing shown in the hideout and scene is a horizontal red flag showing the Brimstone Society symbol.

So far no news has occurred about the next Bloodrayne game. Only that Gamespy reports there was supposed to be one for PSP, but might be unlikely and was canceled because of financial issues with the game's publisher Majesco. [ [ GameSpy: BloodRayne PSP ] ]

Developer Note: We planned the ending to allow a transition into the third game, which would pit the vampire council (seen in the first scene of the FMV) against Rayne and her newly conquered city, with the militaristic Brimstone fighting both and turning the battle into a three way conflict. We were hoping to make this on the PS3/360 when they came out and wanted the game to feature a much higher level of destruction with battles where Rayne fights up to a hundred enemies.


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* [ Official "BloodRayne 2" website]

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