Unity Party of Nigeria

Unity Party of Nigeria

The Unity Party of Nigeria was a Nigerian political party that was dominant in western Nigeria during the second republic. The party revolved around the political leadership of Obafemi Awolowo, a sometimes polemical but effective administrator. However, the party's main difference with its competitors was not the leader but the ideals of a social democracy it was founded on. Both UPN and PRP presented the most coherent plan of action during the electioneering campaign of 1979. The party jettisoned building a coalition of comfort in a polarizing political environment but based partnerships on a coalition of like minded advocates of social democracy.


The desired goal of the military government of Olusegun Obasanjo to build national political parties led to a gradual weakening of ethnic politics in the second republic. However, an emerging force was beginning to shape the political debate, class became a political matter to be exploited or used for political gain. The UPN, saw itself as a party for everyone, it was the only party to promote free education and called itself a welfarist party.


*The party supported a 30-40% revenue allocation for the Federal Government, 40-50% for the states and 10% for the local governments in debates centering on the intractable revenue allocation mechanism in Nigeria.
*Free education for all
*Free medical treatment
*A progressive program for development of toads and schools
*Constitutional amendments for state creation, which implied longer time needed from initiation to approval.


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