The Shaving

The Shaving

Infobox Television episode
Title = The Shaving
Series = Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Caption = Frylock is shocked to discover the horrible truth about Willie Nelson. ("JUICE!")
Season = 2
Episode = 15
Airdate = October 26, 2003
Production = 217
Writer = Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis
Guests = Tom Scharpling (Willie Nelson)
Episode list = List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes
Prev = Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary
Next = Broodwich
"The Shaving" is the thirty-third episode of the animated series "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was first broadcast on October 26, 2003. The band The Texas Chainsaw Mascara takes their name from this episode.


Cold open

Dr. Weird is playing with two spider-like creatures...who were originally Steve's eyeballs. As Steve writhes in pain from the loss of his eyes, Dr. Weird yells at him because he's scaring them.


It's Halloween time in South Jersey, and the Aqua Teens are gearing up for the holiday by dressing up...except Master Shake, of course. Frylock is a sailor on the Ship of the Damned, and Meatwad is the Incredible Plum (a take off on the Incredible Hulk, with Meatwad being painted purple). Shake, being the person he is, can't resist making fun of their costumes.

While Frylock is finishing getting ready, Shake and Meatwad are met by a creature that's a cross between an onion and a spider, who tries to scare people through use of a triple-head electric razor. The only thing it gets is ridicule from Shake and Frylock.

Finally, the onion/spider reveals who he is: his name is Willie Nelson, and he lives in the attic. He's also looking for his mail, which he hasn't gotten for a while. Frylock admits to throwing said mail away, which angers Willie and causes him to throw the Aqua Teens' TV out a window.

After making fun of Willie's methods (Shake calls the laid back spider "The Gayest Monster since Gay Came to Gaytown" and says he should star in a musical called "The Texas Chainsaw Mascara"), Shake decides to remake the laid back onion/spider into a killing machine, in the image of a serial killer.

During the course of this, Shake has Willie assume the persona of Blood Feast Island Man, and try to scare Carl next door. After Willie fails for the first time, Shake succeeds in scaring Carl by throwing Meatwad at him.

Shake's next try to make Willie scary is to have him go next door and threaten Carl with chainsaws, with him saying, "Nice head. I think I'll take it." This fails again, as Willie runs out of luck when his chainsaws become unplugged thanks to the extension cords powering them falling off. When this happens, Carl comes out angrily and asks "What!?" to which he can only reply "What are you doing here?" which Carl answers by saying "I live here, asshole!". Carl then goes back to the Aqua Teens' house and throws Meatwad at Shake, who is flipping out because Willie didn't scare Carl.

Shake and Willie decide to go with one final prank to scare Carl. Shake hooks up a huge electrical generator to Carl's door using jumper cables, while Willie is waiting with a cement mixer full of blood to dump on Carl once the electricity shocks him unconscious. However, the plan doesn't go as well as hoped, as Carl scares Shake with Meatwad's Incredible Plum mask, causing Shake to fall into the generator and get the blood poured on him.

After going back up to the attic, Frylock informs Willie that he has some of his mail. After Willie urges him to bring it up, we find out the horrible truth about him- he is an actual killer who stores his bodies in the Aqua Teens' attic. Frylock and Shake are instantly horrified, and a late entering Carl gets his arms ripped off by Willie, who drinks his blood and calls it juice. The Aqua Teens run off and seal the attic, presumably locking Willie in there forever (with a screaming Carl).

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