Atomic 7

Atomic 7

Atomic 7 is a Canadian instrumental rock trio formed in 1998, led by its only constant member, former Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet guitarist Brian Connelly. While Shadowy Men occasionally used vocals, Atomic 7's music is completely instrumental. The band doesn't even use vocal microphones on stage.

Current members

The current and sixth lineup of Atomic 7 is:
*Brian Connelly - guitar
*Mark Duff - drums (from The Rizdales)
*Brad Keogan - bass (from The Rizdales)

Past members

Fifth lineup (June 3, 2005 only):
*Brian Connelly - guitar
*Rob Oxoby - bass
*Richie Lazarowich - drums (from Huevos Rancheros)

Fourth lineup (recorded "... en Hillbilly Caliente"):
*Brian Connelly - guitar
*Mandi Byrd - bass
*Mike Andriosso - drums

Third lineup (recorded "... Gowns By Edith Head").
*Brian Connelly - guitar
*Clinton Ryder - bass
*Mike Andriosso - drums

Second lineup:
*Brian Connelly - guitar
*Sean Dean - bass
*Mike Andriosso - drums

First lineup (recorded debut single, "She's Got Haggar Party Slacks"):
*Brian Connelly - guitar
*Sean Dean - bass (from The Sadies)
*Neil Bartley - drums



*"She's Got Haggar Party Slacks" (1998)


*"... Gowns By Edith Head" (2002)
*"... en Hillbilly Caliente" (2004)
*"... Something For The Girl With Everything" (2007)

External links

* [ Atomic 7 Brand Ladies Shoes] (Official Home Page)
* [ Atomic 7 at Mint Records] (label bio)
* [ Atomic 7 at CBC Radio 3]
* [ The Shadowy Site On A Shadowy Web] (Unofficial Shadowy Men Home Page with a section on Atomic 7)

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