The Battle of Odessa (Mobile Suit Gundam)

The Battle of Odessa (Mobile Suit Gundam)

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Title=The Battle of Odessa
episode_no= 25

airdateUS= August 23, 2001
Episode -2=Matilda's Rescue
Episode -1=Black Tri-Star
Current Episode="'The Battle of Odessa
Episode +1= Char Returns
Episode +2= A Spy on Board

"The Battle of Odessa" is the twenty-fifth episode [] of "Mobile Suit Gundam".

Plot summary

Operation Odessa has started, and the "White Base" scrambles to reach the battle. Amuro is still grieving the death of Lieutenant Matilda. He and Sayla take off in the G-Armor to practice, Sayla has yet to learn the controls.

Elsewhere, Gaia and Ortega are honoring the memory of Mash. An indifferent M’quve reminds them of their duty. Gaia says that they will avenge the death of their comrade anyway, regardless of their mission.

Amuro and Sayla are still on their training flight when Amuro spots a small plane taking off from a nearby Zeon camp. The plane turns out to be a Federation "Dragonfly" plane. Bright orders them to investigate further into the matter to see if there is a spy within the Federation. A squadron of Dopp fighters approach "White Base". Mirai figures they probably want to provide cover for the "Dragonfly".

Amuro orders Sayla to land on top of the Big Tray. Amuro is the only one who gets off but armed sentries aprehend him shortly after. He identifies himself to be the pilot of Gundam. In General Elron’s quarters, Judock informs Elron that he is to sabotage his own Federation forces so that M’Quve can focus only on Revil’s front.

Amuro is taken to Elron’s office. Amuro shows him a photo of the Dragonfly taking off from the Zeon base, proving Judock is a spy. Elron thanks Amuro but pulls a gun on him. Amuro realizes that Elron is a spy too. Elron shoots but Amuro dodges. Elron is about to shoot again when he’s shot through the door by a soldier. He is arrested and one of the soldiers tell Amuro that they got the whole conversation recorded on video and thanks him. Amuro yells his disgust at Elron because many Federation soldiers died due to his treasonous actions. The soldiers restrain Amuro saying a court-martial will handle Elron and that he should return to the "White Base".

Amuro and Sayla take off in the G-Fighter and return to the ship. General Revil’s forces continue to attack M’Quve’s, and the "White Base" is fending off from Gaia and Ortega in their Doms. Again the Guntank is too slow and Ortega damages its threads. Amuro and Sayla attack the Black Tri-Stars. The Doms are took quick and are actually able to damage the G-Armor.

Amuro tells Sayla to fly around a mountain so the Gundam can detach from the G-Armor. Sayla returns to the ship because the G-Armor is hit. Amuro attacks Gaia and Ortega at the same time. Inside the ship, the damaged G-Fighter is separated from the G-Armor and is replaced with a Core Fighter to form the G-Sky, now piloted by Hayato.

M’Quve’s lines are falling apart because Elron’s sabotage was never carried out. Revil’s forces are fighting at full strength. M’Quve calls Revil and says he’ll fire a thermonuclear missile if Revil does not withdraw. Even though the Antarctic Treaty prohibits the use of such weapons, M’Quve is intent on using one as he is running out of options. Revil gestures that his troops shall continue, and M’Quve fires the missile.

Amuro is still fighting the Black Tri-Stars when he is ordered by Bright to intercept an incoming nuclear missile and cut off its targeting system. He is sent the specs (released by the Antarctic Treaty) of the missile on his computer monitor. Amuro jumps on the G-Sky and slices Ortega’s mobile suit in half. Gaia chases him and knocks the Gundam out of the G-Sky. Amuro jumps up and rams his beam saber near Gaia’s cockpit. Gaia asks his dead comrades for forgiveness as the Dom is about to explode.

The Gundam, flying again on the G-Sky, intercepts the missile and cuts off its head. The now aimless missile explodes without detonating. The Federation has defeated Zeon and M’Quve escapes back to space on the "Zanzibar". He smugly confesses that the loss of Odessa is not strategically important because Zeon has now enough resources to last them a decade. After the battle the crew of the "White Base" greet General Revil.

Important Events

*The final two members of the Black Tri-Stars are defeated
*M'Quve's spies fail in slowing the advancing Federal Forces
*Earth Federation's Operation Odessa is successful in taking Zeon's mining base in Odessa, Ukraine


* [] MAHQ episode site

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