Bird of Ill Omen (band)

Bird of Ill Omen (band)

Infobox musical artist
Name = Bird of Ill Omen

Background = group_or_band
Origin = Miami, Florida, USA
Genre = Metalcore
Years_active = 1996-1999
Label = Eulogy Recordings
One Day Savior Recordings
Think Tank Records
Current_members = Shane Post
Andrew Logan
Peter Bartsocas
Thomas Rankine
Nahuel Gauna
Past_members = Damien Moyal
Joseph Simmons
George Rios

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Bird of Ill Omen (often referred to as The Bird) was a metalcore band from Florida. The band was only around for a few years in the late 90's.


Bird of Ill Omen was formed in 1996 by George Rios (drums) & Thomas Rankine (bass). They recruited Joe and Damien. The band went through some line-up changes, which resulted in Peter and Andrew on guitars. They did a short tour, and Damien left the band to pursue musical endeavors in Gainesville (As Friends Rust, Culture). He was then quickly replaced by Shane.

The band decided to record their first full-length in anticipation of a tour planned with Morning Again for the summer of 1997. The album was the very first release by Eulogy Recordings, and the first 12" vinyl to be released on Think Tank Records. The album was not ready in time for the tour, so they printed a few 4 song demos in support of their second tour. When they came back, the band changed drummers. George Rios was out and Jose was in. The band went back on tour in the winter of 1997 with new material, but while touring in Canada, Jose was detained by border patrol and stayed up in Canada, thus canceling the tour.

After coming back, The Bird sat around for close to a year, before adding Nahuel on drums, and asking Shane to come back from his current residence in Ohio. The band recorded an EP, which the CD was once again released on Eulogy, and the 7" on One Day Savior. They soon after broke up to pursue other musical and life endeavors.

Tom and Andrew merged into Dead Men's Theory with an occasional participation from Peter.



* Demo (1997)
* Self, Dare You Still Breathe? (1997)
* When Love Would've Shown Interest in Us Both (1999)

Other contributions

* "Sharpshooter" (5:08) - Appeared on (1998)
* "To Open Empty Arms" - Appeared on Budget Sampler (1999)

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