Terra may refer to:

In astronomy:
*The Latin, Catalan and Portuguese name for the planet Earth
*Terra (satellite), a research satellite launched by NASA in 1999
*In planetary nomenclature, terrae are extensive land masses found on various solar system bodies
**List of terrae on Mars
**List of terrae on Venus
**Terra on the Moon

In fiction:
*Terra refers to Earth in many fictional universes
*"Terra" (film), a 2008 animated film by Aristomenis Tsirbas
*Holy Terra is the name of Earth in the Warhammer 40,000 universe
*Terra, the name of Earth in the Fading Suns role-playing game
*Terra (BattleTech) is the capital of the Terran Alliance and its successor the Terran Hegemony
*Terra (comics), a DC Comics character involved with the Teen Titans
*Terra, an anti-MU defense force in the Anime "RahXephon"
*Terra, an Earth-like planet in the original version of "Battlestar Galactica" (1978)

In video games:
*"Terra" (computer game), a role-playing game
*Terra Branford, a fictional character from the video game "Final Fantasy VI"
*Terra, a "Ra-Seru" worn by Noa in the PlayStation game "Legend of Legaia"
*The Planet Terra is a fictional planet from the video game "Final Fantasy IX"
*Terra, a stardroids from the "Megaman" series
*Terra (Kingdom Hearts), a character from the "Kingdom Hearts" series

In other uses:
*Terra Currency, a currency proposed by economist Bernard Lietaer
*Terra, a brand of root vegetable chips manufactured by the Hain Celestial Group
*Terra (group), a J-pop group headed by Konami sound producer Naoki Maeda
*Terra, a butterfly genus
*Terra-Gruppen, a chain of Norwegian savings banks
*Terra Industries, a multinational manufacturer of fertilizers based in Sioux City, Iowa
*Terra (mythology), a primeval Roman goddess, also known as Tellus or Tellus Mater (Earth Mother)
*Terra Naomi, a musician and recognized YouTube user for her songs
*"", a video podcast about science and the environment
*Terra Networks, S.A., an Internet company headquartered in Spain

ee also

*Terra Nova
*War on Terra

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