Salt (disambiguation)

Salt (disambiguation)

Salt is an edible mineral used as a flavor enhancer and preservative for food, but may also refer to:


* Salt (chemistry), a neutral compound composed of ions.
* Sodium chloride, the main ingredient in edible salt
* Sea salt, is a less refined version containing other minerals.

Arts and entertainment

* "Salt" (novel), a book by Adam Roberts published in 2000
* "Salt of the Earth", a 1954 U.S. film by Herbert J. Biberman
* "Salt" (Venetian Snares album), a 12" released in 2000 by breakcore artist Venetian Snares
* Salt (band), an indie rock band from Sweden
* "Salt" (Forget Cassettes album), a 2006 album released by Forget Cassettes
* "S.A.L.T.", a song on the 1997 album "Orblivion" by The Orb
* "Salt: A World History", a 2003 non-fiction book detailing the historic importance of the mineral salt by Mark Kurlansky
* Salt Publishing, UK publisher focussing on poetry, biography, literary criticism and text books

Locations and places

* Salt Grammar School , a mathematics and computing college in Bradford, England
* Salt River, the name of a number of rivers in the U.S.
* Salt Lake City, Utah, the capital city of the U.S. state of Utah
* Salt, Jordan, a provincial town in Western Jordan
* Salt, Girona, a municipality in Catalonia, Spain
* Salt, Staffordshire, a village in England


* Sir Titus Salt (1803–1876), English textile manufacturer and benefactor
* Henry Stephens Salt (1851–1939), English writer and campaigner for social reforms
* Henry Salt (Egyptologist) (1780–1827), English artist, traveler, diplomat, and Egyptologist
* Jennifer Salt (1944), American actress and screenwriter
* Cheryl "Salt" James, an entrepreneur and hip-hop icon


*Veruca Salt, a character from the Roald Dahl novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
*Mr. Salt (Mr. Henry Salt), Veruca Salt's father


The acronym SALT may refer to:

* Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, nuclear weapon talks between the USA and USSR
* Southern African Large Telescope, an optical telescope located in the Karoo, South Africa
* Speech Application Language Tags, a markup language speech recognition applications on the Web
* Socialist Alternative, a minor political party in many countries
* S.A.L.T.S., Sail and Life Training Society, based in Victoria, British Columbia
* "Seminars About Long-term Thinking", monthly seminars held by The Long Now Foundation in the San Francisco Bay area
* "SALT", a Skin-associated lymphoid tissue that is a component of MALT
* "Society for Applied Learning Technology", a group for professionals who work in the field of instructional technology


* Salt (cryptography), an initialization vector of a block cipher or hash
* Syntactic salt, a feature designed to make it harder to write bad computer code

ee also

*Salt of the earth
*Salt and Light

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